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Power Management ICs

Power management Integrated circuits, or PMICs, are solid-state chips or circuits designed to power various electronic devices to enable them to function appropriately. These integrated circuits provide different voltages to various battery-operated devices and help prevent the battery from quickly draining. The term "PMIC" refers to a group of ICs providing multiple power supply functions.

Power management IC types and their functions:

Power management ICs consist of various types, each suited for a wide variety of different functions. Some of them include:

  • AC-DC Converters

These converters are designed to convert AC to DC and are plugged into house current. They are primarily found in routers, computer modems, and various electronic devices.

  • DC-DC Converters

Their exceptional designs offer conversion of DC voltage sources to another source with specific input voltages into different outputs. Their designs also offer the ability to either decrease or increase the output voltage corresponding to the input voltage. 

  • DC-DC Controllers

These power management controllers offer more flexibility in managing the battery’s charge.

  • Buck Converters

These converters are also called step-down converters because they provide a lower output voltage than the input voltage.

  • Voltage References

These robust devices provide a consistent voltage even with high device loads.

  • Intelligent power switches

It works intelligently by efficiently responding to and monitoring the circuit’s electrical conditions.

  • MOSFET power drivers

These power supplies are mainly designed to work with MOSFET semiconductor components.

  • Linear voltage regulators

These regulators regulate a constant voltage by attaching multiple power loads to any electrical system without voltage fluctuations. 

  • Motor driver ICs

These integrated circuits are used in every electrical motor device with both small and large-scale industrial applications.

Typical applications of power management ICs:

PMICs are widely used for a wide variety of applications that depend on the PMIC type being used for specific purposes. Some of the uses include: 

  • Battery management 

They are used in managing, charging, measuring, and monitoring the device’s battery to ensure whether it functions correctly or needs replacement.

  • Charging uses

They provide the batteries' charge and replenish them when exhausted by passing the power supply through them. 

  • Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation is another major function of PMICs. These devices regulate voltages by taking proper actions in the event of voltage drops.

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