About Us

Enrgtech is a private organization formed through a group of expertise each highly specialised in the fields of logistic & trade, supply management, marketing and ecommerce IT.

The Enrgtech differentiating concept has been developed in since 2007.
In 2010 Enrgtech Ltd materialised its initial activities by providing Design and Engineering Services (EDES) on a local and a national level. However, as we developed so did our vision.
In 2014, as we understood more our customers needs, it became clear that there were more ways to ease their operations.
We therefore set out to leverage our Design and Engineering Services experience and apply it Project Management and Procurement. Having now built strong relationships with key distributors, suppliers and manufacturers we are now in our prime position to launch our newly established e-Commerce Platform to serve our existing customers.
In 2018, with a solid e-Commerce Platform now offering more than 2 million products from trusted suppliers, manufacturers and distributors located world-wide-ready to be shipped directly anywhere in the world with in 3-5 working days. We have built a strong technical team that could provide advice and assistance via our platform.
Today, Enrgtech bridges all phases of product development, projects, supply chain fulfilment and customised orders automation.

The agility and responsiveness of its trade and logistic experienced teams, allow supply consolidation across the globe’s 3 main regions and deliveries to over 80 countries. Enrgtech services combines technology and expertise to fast-track supplies within 3 to 7 days to supplier whatever quantities wherever in the world.Enrgtech also delivers on a range of obsolete product on request bases.

Enrgtech unique business model is highly integrated to a supply chain (2, 3, 4PL level achievement) joint to its fully automated e-Commerce IT technology.

Enrgtech Data intelligence and data provider:

The first service that Enrgtech is dedicated to deliver its global target market is FREE.
Enrgtech self-commitment is to provide the relevant product data to the researchers, Engineers, Technicians, buyers, and business owners of the vast technologic, industrial and development of today’s accelerating connected landscape.
Today, with an ever-growing workforce we have a reach expanding the Globe Leading a competitive and innovative direction, Enrgtech is now and investing in is market access initiative for suppliers and manufacturer, under its Sell-With-Us initiative.

Our Sell with Us feature, allows our customers to sell their products directly to a global audience. Now we have more than 3000 vetted sellers, re-sellers and manufacturers offering quality products at competitive prices.
As we continue on a truly remarkable journey we would like you to join us to drive it forward to your outreach to make a lasting difference in the Engineering World.

Our History


Always be the key, which unlocks our client’s potential, purpose and profit by providing them a critical role as partner, supplier,
across their market and other potential markets.

To make ethical relationships our build blocks, integrity our structure and trust the cement that skylines profitability.


Be the lead choice in innovative in economic, sustainable betterment programme and partnership development.

Core Values

Integrity first.

Trust People

Technology Innovator

Build sustainable and ethical business with long terms partnerships.

Highly profitable business

Modelling and delivery


Success is not only about profit margins and statistical data. Enrgtech is also driven to achieve honesty, integrity and passion for quality excellence in every facet of our organization. We continually strive to exceed our partner’s expectations by delivering against our commitments.

Our organisation prerogative set out to define best practices and create international standards that benchmark our operations in different countries we operate in.

We believe in ethical practices when dealing with clients, partners and suppliers and we have a proven track record based on mutually achieved goals.
Enrgtech efforts are dedicated to helping the UK Government and the global efforts in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic and in doing so has activity supported the public and private sector the sourcing of the relevant parts in the development of breathing apparatus, testing technology and medical device prototyping.

At Enrgtech, we do believe that in coming together we will overcome this global situation.


Enrgtech Supports the Futsala Soccer School.