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Panasonic, DRA3123J0L PNP Digital Transistor, -100 mA -50 V 2.2 kΩ, Ratio Of 0.047, 3-Pin SSSMini3
Dual Resistor Digital PNP Transistors, Panasonic Digital Transistors, Panasonic Resistor-equipped bipolar transistors, also known as “Digital Transistors” or “Bias Resistor Transistors”, incorporating one or two integrated resistors. A single series input resistor, or a potential divider of two resistors, allows these devices to be directly driven from digital sources. Both single and dual transistor versions are available.
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Panasonic 0.47F Supercapacitor EDLC -20 → +80% Tolerance F Series 5.5V dc Through Hole
Goldcap F Series Memory Backup Panasonic F series electric double layer capacitors (also known as gold capacitors) can be compared to secondary batteries and offer the highest level of volumetric efficiency. No charging circuit is required and there is no limit to the number of charge and discharge cycles. F series supercapacitors utilise the release and absorption reaction of ions and do not rely on a chemical reaction to create current. 1000 h endurance at +85 °C Stacked coin type Flat type Applications Recommended applications include industrial equipment, electronic meters and the backup of data/RTC of base stations.
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Network Video Recorder Panasonic WJ-NV300, 32 Channel
Panasonic WJ-NV300 Network Disk Recorder The Panasonic WJ-NV300 Video Decoder built-in 32 channel Network Disk Recorder makes the IP recording simple and flexible with the easy and intuitive GUI and expansion options. 2 recording types are available - scheduled or by pre- or post-event. The "Referenced recording days" is automatically calculated by frame rate, image quality and HDD capacity. The recorded images can be downloaded directly to the PC through the browser or to an SD card** or USB memory stick** • 9 network cameras can be connected and recorded as default (expandable up to 32*) • H.264 and JPEG multi-format • Simple and quick setup in 4 steps by automatic camera detection and simple setup wizard without the use of a PC • Double HDMI output at 1080p • Transcoding function for easy remote monitoring • Live image compensation on the recorder for 360° cameras fisheye recording • Equipped with an SD memory card slot and port for USB storage Note * 3 extra Camera Kits WJ-NVE30 are necessary ** SD card or the USB memory stick not supplied
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Panasonic Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor 1000μF 25V dc 16mm SU Series, Through Hole Electrolytic, ±20%
Panasonic SU Bi-Polar Series Panasonic SU Series are bipolar electrolytic capacitors. These radial capacitors offer 2000 hours endurance at +85°C. Applications Bipolar Radial lead type High reliability Long life Low impedance High ripple current Surface mount Panasonic SU Series electrolytic capacitors are recommended for use in applications where polarity can change. Their high reliability makes them suitable for use in industrial instruments and crossover networks in high fidelity systems. Note Product may be marked with + / -
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Tactile Switch, SPST-NO 20 mA
Panasonic SMT Tact Switches - EVP and EVQ Series Panasonic Light Touch switches, commonly referred as Tactile or Tact switches, are momentary snap action switches to be used with small currents (rated at 20mA 15Vdc). These Tact Switches provide a unique sharp, clear and assuring click operating feel, have low contact resistance, small bouncing noise, high contact reliability and come in a wide selection of operating forces. This SMT range of Tactile Switches have features that include options such as ultra thin profiles, small form factor, side mount versions, with or without ground terminal or positioning/fixing boss, long travel (stroke), over travel, as well as surface mount and J-bent terminal mounting options. Assuring click feel Wide range of operating forces Single pole with normally open contacts, apart from the side-operational edge mount version (EVQQ0G03K), stock number 756-1811 which is a single pole with change-over contacts Tactile
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Panasonic EVM3W Series SMD Trimmer Resistor with Solder Pad Terminations, 5kΩ ±25% 0.15W ±250ppm/°C Top Adjust
150 mW 3 mm Panasonic EVM3W Trimmer Potentiometers EVM3W trimmer potentiometers from Panasonic are constructed from a Cermet element that ensures a high level of reliability. These 3 mm square trimmer potentiometer feature a low profile, between 0.95 mm and 1.1 mm and have an open frame. Easily mountable Low profile Rotation torque 2 mNm to 20 mNm Surface mount Applications Suitable applications include communication equipment, office and audiovisual equipment and general electronic equipment. Standards JIS C5260-1:1999
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Panasonic, DMC261050R, Dual NPN Digital Transistor, 100 mA 50 V 10 kΩ, Ratio Of None, 5-Pin Mini5
Single Input Resistor Dual Digital Transistors, Panasonic Digital Transistors, Panasonic Resistor-equipped bipolar transistors, also known as “Digital Transistors” or “Bias Resistor Transistors”, incorporating one or two integrated resistors. A single series input resistor, or a potential divider of two resistors, allows these devices to be directly driven from digital sources. Both single and dual transistor versions are available.
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Panasonic DPDT PCB Mount Non-Latching Relay, 5V dc Coil, 6 A
Force Guided Safety Relay - SF2 Series Used in machines, apparatus or installations that need to meet special safety requirements (presses, combustion, railway, medical) Maximum switching voltage: 400V Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C Contact material: AgSnO 2 with Au flash Approvals cUL, TUV, SEV Standards EN50205 Type A, IEC60664-1 III/4kV Force Guided Relays
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Panasonic ERA Series Metal Film Surface Mount Fixed Resistor 0603 Case 1.6kΩ ±0.05% 0.1W ±10ppm/°C
Panasonic ERA Series 0.1 W, 0.05%, 10 ppm Thin Film Chip Resistors ERA 3A metal film resistors from Panasonic offer stability in high humidity and high temperature environments, while remaining highly accurate. This series of 0603 of chip resistors provides a high performance solution and features excellent non-linearity. Features & Benefits: AEC-Q200 qualified Small temperature coefficient of resistance Small resistance tolerance Excellent linearity and low current noise Power rating options between 0.05 W and 0.25 W Applications These metal film resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and are suitable for automotive applications. Resistance Range 470Ω → 100kΩ Power at 70°C 0.1W Resistance Tolerance 0.05% Temperature Coefficient ±10ppm/°C Operating Temperature -55 → 155°C Operating Voltage 100V Overload Voltage 200V Length 1.6 mm Width 0.8 mm Standards IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8, EIAJ RC-2133B
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Panasonic ERJP6W Series Thick Film Surface Mount Fixed Resistor 0805 Case 200kΩ ±1% 0.5W ±200ppm/°C
0805 Format Anti-Surge Resistors, ERJP6W Series (1.1kΩ to 1MΩ) The ERJ P6W series of chip resistors from Panasonic are constructed from double-sided resistive elements. Three layers of electrodes and a metal glaze thick film resistive element ensure high reliability. ERJ P6W chip resistors offer 1.5 time higher pulse characteristics than other comparable size anti-surge resistors, such as the ERJP06 series. High reliability Both reflow and flow soldering can be used High pulse characteristics Exceptional ESD surge characteristics in comparison to standard metal film resistors AEC-Q200 qualified Applications These chip resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and can be used for automotive applications. Approvals IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8, EIAJ RC-2134B Applications include : Telecommunication Equipment Radio and Tape Recorders, TV Tuners Video Cameras, Watches, Pocket Calculators Automotive Industry Computers, Instruments
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SPDT Simulated Roller Lever Microswitch, 100 mA @ 30 V dc
AH1 Ultra-Miniature High Precision Microswitch These ultra-miniature microswitches are available with various terminal and actuator styles, the compact size 12.8 x 6 x 8.5 mm minimizes the size of equipment they can be used in. These ultra miniature microswitches are typically used in applications such as computer mice, charger units for mobile phones and key position detector devices in automobiles. Integrally moulded terminal block prevents soldering flux from entering into housing Compact size, 12.8 x 6 x 8.5 mm Flat terminal shape enabling easy soldering Switch type: Switch SPDT Connection: Spade cable shoes 6.3 ´ 0.8 mm, 189157: although 4.8 ´ 0.5 mm Switch material: Silver Mechanical life: 30 ´ 10 6 functions at max. contact load Temp. range: -55°C* to +85°C Dimensions: See drawings
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Panasonic Photoelectric Sensor
Fiber Optic Sensor Accessories Accessories for use with the Panasonic FX, FD and FT ranges.