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Honeywell 1005614 FFP2 Disposable Respirator, Valved Adjustable Nose Clips
Single use fold flat masks These fold flat disposable masks protect against dusts, sprays and smokes containing calcium carbonates, clay, kaolin, cellulose, cotton, flour, ferrous metals, vegetable and mineral oils, and cutting fluids. Mask easy to open and position. Available with or without exhalation valve. Environmentally-friendly masks contain no PVC and also no silicone for use in all types of industries. Size M / L. 4110 M / L 4111 M / L 4210 M / L 4211 M / L 4311 M / L Protection: 4.5 x OEL 4.5 x OEL 12 x OEL 12 x OEL 50 x OEL Exhalation valve: no yes no yes yes Colour: yellow yellow green green red Classification: FFP1D FFP1D FFP2D FFP2D FFP3D Standards EN 149:2001 and CE0194
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Frost Stat Thermostat, 230 V ac
Tamperproof & Frost-Stat Two thermostats with a tamperproof resistant front cover over the setting dial that still retains the appearance of a standard thermostat. Dual diaphragm sensing element Double insulated with breakout points on 3 sides Surface or switch box mounting 230V operation Contact rating: 10(3)A Dimensions: H84mm x W84mm x D37mm
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Temperature Sensor -200 → +260°C, Honeywell HRTS-5760-B-T-1-12
Honeywell HRTS Series Temperature Sensors The HRTS series has been designed to measure surface temperature ranging from -200 to +480 °C and is suitable for printed circuit, temperature probe and many other applications. Instillation is made simpler as the units are fully assembled and ready to use eliminating the need for fragile splices to extension leads. Typical Applications: HVAC – room, duct and refrigerant equipment OEM assemblies Electronic assemblies – semiconductor protection, temperature compensation Process control – temperature regulation Features: Resistance interchangeable Accurate Linear Fast Laser trimmed Bolt, cement-on or strap-on models
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Honeywell DPDT, On-On-On Rocker Switch Panel
Honeywell TP Series Rocker Switches The TP series Micro Switch™ rocker switches have been designed to offer the user the choice of either mounting the switch flush with the panel for a low-button profile or above the panel for a distinct button appearance. The buttons are both removable and interchangeable and come in a wide selection of appearances to choose from, including transparent, translucent plastic and six opaque plastic colours. Environmentally sealed Two and three-position pushbutton action Various button colours 1, 2, and 4-pole circuitry Flush panel and above panel mountings Temperature range: -54 to +71 °C Potential Applications Industrial machinery and equipment Military and commercial aviation Marine applications Construction equipment Test instruments Agricultural machinery Process control Medical instrumentation Standards UL recognized, CSA certified, CE approved Honeywell Rocker Switches
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Honeywell SPST 3 A Bi-Metallic Thermostat, Opens at+87.8°C
3100 Series Hermetic Thermostats The 3100 series from Honeywell consist of a single pole, single throw switch activated by a snap action bimetal disc. Temperature calibrations are pre-set at the factory and each unit is 100% thermally and mechanically inspected. It is manufactured and tested to meet or exceed critical commercial and industrial specifications. Hermetically sealed steel housing Tight Tolerances Tight differentials It is available to open or close on temperature rise Potential Applications: Computers, medical electronics, power supplies, industrial controls, test equipment and infotech
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SPDT Top Plunger Enclosed Limit Switch, 10 A
BZE6 Enclosed Limit Switches The BZE6 series from Honeywell provides a range of metal housed limit switches with enhanced precision operation and robust actuation. The BZE6 limit switches allow for easy wiring by featuring a large wiring enclosure, the BZE6 range are all side mountable. BZE6 series featuring side mounting Die-cast zinc housing for robustness and durability Wide temperature operating range Honeywell Metal Enclosed These limit switches are suitable for most industrial applications, they have bifurcated contacts for switching wide current and voltage requirements, galvanically isolated contacts for switching different polarities between circuits and forced disconnect mechanism-independently tested. Approvals UL, CSA.
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Honeywell Optical Encoder 128 ppr 300rpm Axial, End, Radial 5 V dc
Honeywell 600 Series Encoders The 600 series are manually operated optical encoders that output two square waves in quadrature at a rate of 128 pulses per channel per revolution. Channel A leads Channel B by 90° electrically in a counter clockwise direction. The output is transistor to transistor logic compatible, terminal configuration is either pin leads or cable leads. These devices are suitable for use in medical and industrial applications such as motor control, flow control, surgical equipment and precision joysticks. Contactless technology Voltage output eliminates need for A/D converters Stainless steel shafts and nickel-plated brass bushings TTL-compatible outputs Choice of terminations provides mounting flexibility
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Honeywell 53 Series Conductive Plastic Potentiometer with a 6.35 mm Dia. Shaft, 1MΩ, ±10%, 2W, Panel Mount
53 Series Industrial Potentiometers from Honeywell The 53 series are economical Industrial potentiometers, rugged in design and have a 2W power rating. Suitable in applications such as telecommunications, manual controls and electric vehicles. This series of potentiometers offers low contact resistance variation and a long rotational life. Features & Benefits: Conductive plastic element Solder terminals Varied resistance values Honeywell
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Honeywell Sealed Gauge for Fluid Pressure Sensor maximum pressure reading 1000psi 24 V IP65
MLH Series Pressure Sensor The MLH series pressure sensor combines Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology with a media isolated, metal diaphragm design. This digitally compensated sensor is the ideal pressure sensing solution for demanding applications. All metal wetted parts for use in wide variety of fluid applications No internal elastomeric seals mean no o-ring compatibility issues Amplified outputs eliminate cost of external amplifiers Input reverse voltage protection guards against mis-wiring Less than 2 ms response time provides accurate, high speed measurement Material: Port - Stainless steel, Housing - Black plastic Approvals UL Component Recognition for USA and Canada: File No. E258956
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Honeywell 392 Series Conductive Plastic Potentiometer with a 3.17 mm Dia. Shaft, 25kΩ, ±10%, 0.5W, Panel Mount
392 Series Conductive Plastic Potentiometers The 392 series are compact 0.5W potentiometers designed to meet MIL-PRF-94 standards. These industrial potentiometers have a conductive plastic element with a molded housing. Internal nickel-plated shaft, bushings & seals which protect from moisture, PC and solder hook terminals. Suitable applications include audio equipment, telecommunications and manual controls. Honeywell
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Limit Switch, Roller Plunger, Metal
LZ Metal Enclosed LZ metal enclosed switches. These limit switches may be mounted without disconnecting the body from the base receptacle. Replacement parts are also available in this series. Easy wiring Self lifting pressure plate-type screw terminals All LZ heads are four position adjustable Honeywell Metal Enclosed These limit switches are suitable for most industrial applications, they have bifurcated contacts for switching wide current and voltage requirements, galvanically isolated contacts for switching different polarities between circuits and forced disconnect mechanism-independently tested. Approvals UL, CSA.
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90 ° Ratiometric Hall Effect Sensor, 25 mA, 5 V dc, IP67
RTY Series Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors Professional RTY series Hall-Effect Rotary position Sensors provide long life in the application Hall-effect rotary position sensors have a wide range of operating sensing ranges (50°, 60°, 70°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 270° and 360°) Lever and non-lever sensors are available High input voltage 10 Vdc to 30 Vdc , Low input voltage 5 Vdc ±0.5 Vdc IP67