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Facom 897 Series, 5m Tape Measure, Metric
897 Series Stainless Steel Tape Measure Tape measure with reinforced stainless steel case and soft fairing Non abrasive, friction-resistant nylon tape with three-rivet hook Locking button with natural grip Removable hook for belt attachment
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Facom R.410D, 15 Pieces Socket & Bit Set 1/4 in Square Drive
1 / 4 '' socket set - 15 tools Set of 10 short hexagonal sockets, and 5tools. Supplied in a plastic case. Contents - 1 x 117 mm ratchet - 1 set of 10 sockets (5.5 → 14 mm) - 1 sliding handle - 1 x 250 mm extension - 1 press-fit extension - 1 universal joint Size of case (mm): 198 x 110 x 40 Weight: 660 g
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Facom 6 drawer Steel Wheeled Tool Chest, 987mm x 800mm
6 Drawer Cabinet 6 fully opening drawers (3x60mm; 2x130mm; 1x210mm) Capacity of 15kg for 60mm and 20kg for 130mm drawers Centralized locking system Injected ABS worktop with a static load resistance of 800kg 125 mm diameter wheels
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Facom 6 drawer Steel WheeledTool Chest, 970mm x 515mm x 748mm
Facom 6 Drawer Cabinet Tool Box Features and Benefits: 123-4642 123-4643 Overall dimensions Drawer Sizes: Applications FAQs: Do the wheels have brakes?
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Facom 125 mm Carbon Steel Engineers Screwdriver, Hexagon 5.5 mm Tip, Moulded Acetate
Metric forged 6-point nut spinner Metric forged 6-point nut spinner 5,5mm with permanently moulded acetate handle, resists oil, grease and hydrocarbons High-strength forged carbon steel Ideal for light engineering Length 230mm
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Facom 300 mm Hacksaw and Ergonomic Handle
’Revolver’ Hacksaw The ’revolver’ hacksaw frame accepts all conventional 300mm length hacksaw blades The unique sliding body of the tool makes it ideal for flush cutting and fret sawing especially in sheet metals, and is particularly useful where access is restricted The saw has an effective working length of 235mm and an ergonomic handle manufactured from red epoxy-coated Zamak Supplied complete with one blade, this tool is ideal for all industrial applications
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Facom 16 mm Combination Ratchet Spanner, 208 mm length
Ratchet combination spanners Reversible ratchet system in the ring head. Ideal for tightening and loosening parts in tight spaces. Small recovery angle of 5°. Satin chrome finish. Standards ISO1711-1
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Facom 150 mm Hacksaw Blade
Micro-Tech® saw Mini professional metal saw. Lacquered zinc alloy body to guarantee rigidity and lightweight assembly. Very ergonomic, ideal for fine work. For replacement blades see RS 162-0100 Length: 250 mm Weight: 135 g Supplied with a 150 mm blade
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Facom 14 mm Combination Ratchet Spanner, 190 mm length
Ratchet combination spanners Reversible ratchet system in the ring head. Ideal for tightening and loosening parts in tight spaces. Small recovery angle of 5°. Satin chrome finish. Standards ISO1711-1
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Facom 10 mm, 145 mm SLS Height Safe Combination Spanner
Facom SLS Height Safe Combination Spanners Working Safely At Height The SLS, Safety Lock System, range of tools from Facom were created for use at height. They preserve the comfort, quality and level of performance you expect. These Facom combination wrenches are a new generation available in metric and imperial sizes. By reinventing the heads, you get more control. Pre tightening is more stable, easier to guide. The wrench does not turn in your hand. With double the surface contact you get easy power transmission and comfort with torque guaranteed significantly above high strength tool standard ISO 898-1. The 440 range was also designed with your safety in mind. With critical tightening the wrench distorts gradually, you will not be injured by brutal breaking. Features and Benefits • Tool equipped with a Facom SLS attachment solution, preventing any risk of accidental falls • The crimped "rotating" cable solution maintains user ergonomics • Standard wrench for all current applications • The angled and protruding ring head provides better clearance for recessed or closely spaced nuts • More efficient open end saves 20% time and 15% space in tighter areas • High mechanical strength combined with compact size meeting aeronautical standards • Ring open end (size E) designed for better access to series or embedded screws • OGV® profile ring head with 12 points for powerful tightening while protecting the nut • Ring and open heads angled at 15° • Open-end head-handle geometry optimised for increased access • Metric sizes: 4 to 41 mm • Imperial sizes: 1/4" to 1"5/16 • Satin chrome finish Product Application SLS Height Safe Tools To help prevent accidents that affect health and productivity Facom brings you the SLS range of tools. They can withstand twice the weight of the tool and are real world tested. The metal design can withstand extreme shocks, temperatures and other harsh working conditions. Traceable An individual traction test is performed on each...