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ROBUST Food Grade Screened 5C 2.5 Cable
Ölflex Robust 215 Highly versatile screened control cables suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications due to their outstanding weather, ozone and UV resistance, together with their wide temperature range. Suited to various applications such as the food and beverage industry (especially for production and processing equipment of milk and meat products); machine tool building, medical technology, laundries, car washing equipment, chemical industry, composting plants, sewage works and in EMC-sensitive environments (electromagnetic compatibility). Features and Benefits • EMC compliant copper screening • Resistant to a wide range of chemical media • Resistant to contact with plant, animal or synthetic-based organic oils, greases, waxes and the related emulsions • Good resistance to ammonia compounds and bio-gases • Good resistance to cold and hot water as well as water-soluble cleaning agents • Well-suited to frequent steam cleaning • Fine-wire strand made of bare copper wires • Core insulation made of modified PP • Cores twisted in layers • Halogen-free plastic foil wrapping • Tinned copper screen braiding • Outer sheath made of special TPE • Sheath colour: black (RAL 9005) • Halogen-free materials • Good chemical resistance to ester-based hydraulic fluids • Ozone, UV and weather-resistant according to EN 50396 and HD 605 S2 • Flexible down to -40°C • Number-coded cores
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Lapp Lapp Olflex Classic 110 8 Core YY Control Cable, 1.5 mm², 50m, Unscreened
Ölflex® Classic 110 YY Cable Ölflex® Classic 110 YY Cables are flexible cables designed for use under medium mechanical stresses. • Fine copper wire strands • Conductors insulated with special PVC, black with white numbers + green/yellow earth wire • Special PVC external sleeve, silver-grey RAL 7001, flame retardant • Generally resistant to some oils and chemical products at room temperature • Suitable for dry and humid applications • Strong and resistant to bending • Suitable for control and connection cables in the machine tools, plant engineering and refrigeration plant sectors Features and Benefits Standards VDE, This cable confirms to ECD 73/23/EEC (low voltage directive). Standards VDE 0295, Part 5
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Lapp 14 Pair Unitronic FD CP Industrial Cable, 250 V
Unitronic FD CP Powerchain Cable Optimised cable construction for power chain use Screened highly flexible data transmission cable with PUR outer sheath and twisted pairs - UL/CSA-listed Decoupling of circuits by means of twisted-pair (TP) design (crosstalk effects) Overall braid minimises electrical interference Wide temperature range for applications in harsh climatic environments- flexible at low temperatures Suitable for use in measuring, control and regulating circuits Linear robots, automated handling equipment For the North American market Suitable for torsion applications which are typical for the loop in wind turbine generators (WTG)
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Lapp 4 Core Screened Polyurethane PUR Sheath Actuator/Sensor Cable, 1.5 mm² CSA
Ölflex Servo 796CP The Ölflex Servo 796CP cable allows much faster speed and accelerations which increases the economic efficiency of machines and is also slimmer and space saving. Ideal for use with servomotor drive systems from leading manufacturers. The cables modified design of the control core pairs means that the longitudinal voltage drop is lower. It also permits considerably higher operating voltages in the auxiliary circuits Features and Benefits • Extra-fine wire strand made of bare copper wires (class 6) • Core insulation: polypropylene (PP) • Individual design depending on the item: power cores with or without one pair, or with two control core pairs, in pairs, with screening, twisted together in short lay lengths • Non-woven wrapping • Tinned-copper braiding • PUR outer sheath, orange (RAL 2003) • Dynamic performance in power chains: Acceleration up to 50 m/s². Travel speeds up to 5 m/s. Travel distances up to 100 m. • Low-capacitance design: this may result in lower EMI interference, depending on the drive’s electrical operating conditions. • Halogen-free materials • Flame retardancy: UL/CSA Applications • Connecting cable between servo controller and motor • In power chains or moving machine parts • For use in assembling and pick-and-place machinery • Wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines • Assembly lines, production lines • All kinds of machines • Dynamic motion sequences Standards UL, CSA, VW-1, FT1, EN60332-1-2, VDE
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Lapp 18 Core Industrial Cable 0.5 mm² CSA, Screened Grey Polyurethane PUR Sheath, 50m Reel
Olflex Chain 808 CP Cable Screened, PVC-insulated, numbered, PUR sheath, for light & ordinary duty in power chain applications. Features and Benefits • Compact design • EMC compliant • For use in dry, damp or wet interiors • For travel distances up to 10 m. • Low-adhesive surface • Oil-resistant Applications • Power chains or moving machine parts • EMC-sensitive environments • Wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines • Measuring, control and regulating circuits in EMC-sensitive environments • Wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines • Measuring, control and regulating circuits Standards EN 50525-2-21