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PCB Connectors & Wire Housings

PCB connectors and wire housings are essential electrical devices designed to combine circuit sections together on PCBs (printed circuit boards). PCB connectors are a crucial interface in connecting printed circuit boards in equipment. Wire housing acts as an insulating material that encapsulates contacts by providing a receptacle for connectors during mounting onto a printed circuit board.

Wire Housings & Plugs:

Wire housings for connectors or crimp housings are essential components and are needed when they are mounted onto PCBs. They link different printed circuit boards to one another or permit a cable to be connected to a PCB. They can range from just one contact to over 100. Additionally, they can also be built up from a range of materials depending on the protection levels needed for the connector.

What are the types of PCB connectors?

There are various types of PCB connectors and accessories, and each is designed for a specific application. They include:

  • Backplane connectors

Backplane connectors feature a wide range of unique attributes that best suit the telecom industry. They are ideal for designing computer systems due to their modular and versatile nature. In addition, they offer an efficient exchange of their cards and are used to connect different PCBs.

  • PCB Sockets

They are paired with PCB headers and guarantee the precise assembly during the connection of two circuit boards devoid of cabling. 

  • LVDS Connectors

They are also known as Low Voltage Differential Signalling connectors, with their key role involving monitors of all sorts. Moreover, the cables are designed from durable materials such as copper, allowing high-speed connections despite low power operations. 

  • RITS Connectors

RITS stands for Remote Input/Output Terminal System. These connectors are colour-coded to specify their applications. They feature a locking lever that assists in the mating process, preventing stripping wires during the preparation process. Due to this capability, they are also required for other PCB connector types. 

How can I clean PCB connectors?

Cleaning electronic devices is an integral part of their maintenance and efficient performance. Uncleaned devices such as connectors may easily get corroded and gather dirt, resulting in improper functioning and no longer being used. For PCB connectors, there are a variety of solutions available for their cleaning processes, such as using:

  • PCB Edge Eraser (Cleaning Scrub Block) 

This simple and abrasive eraser provides an efficient solution designed to remove dirt and rust in a quite gentle manner. These erasers are designed in a way that does not damage the connectors’ parts, in contrast to standard pencil erasers.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is also the best way to remove the corrosion efficiently; however, care should be taken while using it as it is a highly flammable compound.

  • PCB Cleaning Brush

Brushes are also widely used for cleaning printed circuit board connectors, especially where the terminals are small enough with precise accuracy requirements.

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