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PCB Sockets

PCB Socket is a printed circuit board called a PCB. It is integrated into computers, laptops, cell phones, television and other smart and intelligent devices. These are connectors that are prepared to carry the connection of two printed circuit boards; there is no use of cable in between. PCB connection makes sure a more robust and reliable connection between devices. PCB Socket is considered female, and PCB header is considered male available in pairs. These are one mating, and one unmating cal...

PCB Socket is a printed circuit board called a PCB. It is integrated into computers, laptops, cell phones, television and other smart and intelligent devices. These are connectors that are prepared to carry the connection of two printed circuit boards; there is no use of cable in between. PCB connection makes sure a more robust and reliable connection between devices. PCB Socket is considered female, and PCB header is considered male available in pairs. These are one mating, and one unmating called the mating cycle. These PCB sockets and header are used in applications where they are needed to properly do communications such as connect and disconnect to ensure designed assembly and reliability.

PCB Socket works

PCB Socket is employed by taking the male terminal of the connector on one side and connecting them with another PCB on the other terminal. Every socket comprised a housing and a definite number of endpoints. This housing is manufactured using insulating materials, whereas the terminal is made from a conductive material to enhance conductivity.

PCB Socket contains many rows of pins on its inner side. Various sockets are available in the market with different number pins. Conforming to the type of IC they are made for. The upper side of the socket contains rows of holes that conform to the pins. Non Conductive plastic materials are used in the socket preparation. These holes are allowed to access the beneath side of the pins. Therefore, PCB Socket has a chip, and each of its legs can be linked with one of the socket legs.

They are mounted linearly to the printing circuit board; PCB contains each of the socket legs directed to holes on it. These holes are linked together with other equipment on the board using the printed circuit. When the mounted socket connects to the board, it is soldered using a hand or machine. When the printed circuit board is connected to the PCB soldered socket, it is prepared to get the integrated circuit. Each pin is deliberately aligned with the socket’s holes in integrated circuits. After all, the chip is moved into place. Once the chip is figured out in the socket, it carries out the same work as supposing it was attached face to face to the circuit board.

Types of PCB connectors

PCB connectors are mounted to a printed circuit board. We provide a wide platform of signal and power interconnection systems. This system has a wide variety of high-density, cable to board, high-speed board to board and cable to cable connectors are prepared for automation purposes. PCB connectors offer an exceptional output in these two embedded display port apps, low-voltage differential signaling. These PCB receptors ensure wire-to PCB termination. In addition, the PCB board provides tapes that offer a power supply to the PCB.

In industrial, automated appliance applications, AMPMODU is an interconnected system that offers a complete and comprehensive, best quality wire to board and board to board connector manufactured cost-effectively and reliably to fulfill a large sorts of packaging and interconnection systems requirements.

Extra Efficiency in Planning, Installation, and Processing:

A PCB Sockets are a laminated sandwich structure composed of conductive and insulating sheets. Printed circuit boards come up with two functions. One is used to fix electronic equipment in a pre-predefined space on the external layers with the help of soldering. The other is used to offer secure electrical communications between the communicating devices in a proper way, often called PCB design. Every conductive sheet is manufactured using an artwork predefined pattern of conductors that offers electrical signals on the conductive sheet or layer. Moreover, the designing process is integrated through plated-through holes that ensure intercommunication among layers or sheets.

Printed circuit boards mechanically sponsor electrically communicating conductive devices such as pads designed in a way to allow the component’s endpoints. In addition, with the help of traces, panels, and more traits, it is etched to make a secure, strong connection among communicating devices. Devices are commonly soldered onto the printed circuit board to carry out both the processes of electrically connecting and mechanically fixing them to it. Printed circuit boards are employed in almost all electronic equipment and in many more electrical devices, including passive switch boxes.

PCB designs:

Initially, PCBs were manually created by making a photomask on a sheet of transparent mylar that was often two or four times the actual size. The component pin pads were first placed down on the mylar according to the schematic drawings, and then traces were routed to link the pads. Efficiency was improved via dry rub-on transfers of common component footprints. The self-adhesive tape was used to create traces. The layout was made easier by pre-printed non-reproducing grids on the mylar. On the bare copper-clad boards, the final photomask was photolithographically transferred onto a photoresist layer. With specialized layout software, modern PCBs are created, often in the following steps:

  • Electronic design automation software is used for schematic capturing.
  • Circuitry requirements and PCB enclosures.
  • The heat sink’s locations and those components are chosen.
  • A component is positioned. Geometry and thermal factors are considered. Routes and lands are identified.
  • Traces of signals are routed. In power and ground planes, clearances and connections are often automatically created using electronic design automation tools.
  • A set of Gerber files, a drill file, and a pick-and-place file make up fabrication data.

Features and Benefits:

The initial printed circuit board is employed using hole technology, mounting electrical equipment by assistance inserted via holes on the external side of the board, and copper traces are used to solder it. PCB sockets may be found as single-sided, with an unplated equipment side, or more comprehensive double-sided boards, using equipment soldered on both surfaces. Horizontal configurations of hole parts with the help of two axial leads, including resistors, capacitors, and diodes, are done by tilting the leads 90 degrees in a similar way. Putting the part onto the board, soldering the leads, cutting the ends, and sometimes bending the leads on the board's back in the other direction to increase the part's mechanical strength. Either a wave soldering machine or a person can solder leads.

Through-hole manufacturing raises the cost of a board by necessitating the precise drilling of numerous holes, and it reduces the amount of space available for routing signal traces on layers beneath the top layer on multi-layer boards because the holes must pass through all the layers to reach the other side. Small-sized SMD components were utilized whenever surface-mounting was an option, with through-hole mounting reserved for components that were too big for surface-mounting due to power needs, mechanical constraints, or mechanical stress that may have damaged the PCB.

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0.5mm Hirose SMT Board to Board Receptacle Connector with Fitting - DF12B Series DF12 series straight, SMT mounting, ultra-miniature Board to Board, double row receptacle connectors with a 0.5mm contact pitch available with 3mm or 3.5 to 5mm stacking heights. These 0.5mm PCB mount double row Board to Board socket connectors have a UL94V-0 polyamide body and gold plated contacts. DF12 SMT Board to Board receptacle connectors with part numbers: DF12Bxx - xxxx--xxxx have metal fittings for solder retention. Applications • Mobile phone • LCD • Note PC Note For mating DF12B headers see stock number 779-3289 typical. For mating DF12D headers see stock number 779-3396 typical. For mating DF12E headers see stock number 779-3431 typical
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Hirose FunctionMAX FX8 and FX8C 0.6 mm Board to Board Connectors FunctionMAX FX8 and FX8C 0.6 mm SMT connectors for parallel board to board connections. These FunctionMAX FX8 and FX8C connectors have a high-speed transmission capability of up to 3.125 Gbit/s with excellent signal integrity properties. The built-in mating guide ribs of these high-speed FX8 connectors allow for a self-alignment tolerance of +/- 0.6 mm making mating easier and allowing flexibility in design. These high-speed FX8 BTB connectors feature guide posts on the bottom with differing diameters and positioning to aid alignment on the PCB and to prevent misinsertion. The contacts of these FX8 BTB connectors have an optimized spring deflection design for increased reliability. Features and Benefits • High-Speed transmission speed of 3.125 Gbit/s • Built in guide ribs allow +/- 0.6 mm misalignment and ensure easy mating • Bosses for alignment on PCB • 2 mm wiping distance for electrical continuity • Contacts with spring deflection design for increased reliability • SMT coplanarity with coplanar tolerance at the solder area being less than 0.1 mm • Wide stacking height range 3 mm to 4 mm (FX 8 Series), 5 mm to 16 mm (FX8C Series) Applications • Servers and broadcast equipment • Industrial equipment • Medical devices • POS terminals The FunctionMAX Brand FunctionMAX board to board connectors are designed to meet the needs of advancing technologies within the industrial market and offer high performance and maximum functionality. The FunctionMAX range includes connectors with a floating design and connectors with a high-speed transmission rate. The high transmission connectors have a design based on a differential transmission system and offer high-speed signals and excellent resistance to noise. The FunctionMAX range of board to board connectors offer superior performance in diverse environments. Note FX8 series and FX8C series cannot be mated with one other
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TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity High-Speed MICTOR Stacking Connectors MICTOR (Matched Impedance Connector) high-speed stacking connectors with a high density design for use in high-speed data switching applications with excellent performance to 10+ Gbit/s. MICTOR is a 2 piece modular system consisting of PCB plug and receptacle connectors. MICTOR connectors have a microstrip design, each connector consists of two rows of signal contacts separated by a centre ground plane that enables a high-speed operation. The signal pins have a high density configuration of 76 signal pins per linear inch. Connector sizes range from 38 to 266 signal lines in increments of 38 positions. MICTOR connectors feature a discrete ground bus at every 38 positions that can be assigned to power or ground in any combination. These MICTOR connectors use a redundant point of contact dual beam contact design for high electrical reliability. The housings of these high-speed MICTOR connectors are polarized to prevent mismating. PCB retention features also ensure a secure connection to the PCB. These MICTOR connectors are available in various mating heights for board to board applications and can also be used in right angle, coplanar and cable to board applications. Features and Benefits • Excellent performance to 10+ Gbit/s • Micro strip design • High density design with 76 signal pins per linear inch • 38 to 266 signal lines in increments of 38 positons • Redundant points of contact for improved electrical reliability • Range of mating heights for board to board applications • Polarization to prevent mismating • PCB retention features • Suitable for automated assembly process Applications These high-speed MICTOR connectors are for use in high-speed applications for a broad range of single-ended and differential pair applications. Applications include high-speed telecommunications enterprise sw...
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Phoenix Contact
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TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK / Universal MATE-N-LOK II Vertical Socket Headers A range of Universal MATE-N-LOK vertical socket headers that can also be used with both the Universal MATE-N-LOK and Universal MATE-N-LOK II plug housings. TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK II ™ Range
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TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity AMPMODU Mod II Receptacle Assembly AMPMODU Mod II receptacle assemblies with a 2.54 x 2.54 centerline. These Mod II receptacle assemblies are end stackable, have closed entry housings to prevent post stubbing and have high temperature surface mount compatible 94V-0 thermoplastic housings. Part numbers X-5535512-X are dual row and have short point of contact plus standoffs. Part numbers X-534206-X are dual row and both side and end stackable. Part numbers X-534237-X are single row with Gold plated mating area. 2.54mm TE Connectivity AMPMODU Mod II Interconnect System The AMPMODU Interconnect system is the signal standard for automation and control applications and is both reliable and economical. The AMPMODU Interconnect system consists of board to board, wire to board and wire to wire connectors with a compact design. When combined, these connectors can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications and systems
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Through Hole 2.54mm Square Post Socket Strips with Solder Tail - SSW Series SSW series PCB through hole board-to-board square post, solder tailed socket strips with a 2.54mm pitch and a black, liquid crystal polymer insulator. The Tiger Buy contacts of these 2.54mm PCB through hole sockets are made from phosphor bronze with 0.51μm gold plating on the contact and gold flash on the tail (apart from stock numbers 765-5739 and 765-5786 which have matte tin contacts). These PCB board to board 2.54mm through hole square post socket strips are available in a variety of configurations including single and double row, straight and right angle and an option of post lengths. The operating temperature range for these SSW series PCB through hole sockets is -55 to 125°C for gold plated versions and -55 to 105°C for matte tin versions. SSW PCB sockets with part number TSW-xxx-01-x-x have a tail length of 2.64mm. SSW PCB sockets with part number TSW-xxx-02-x-x have a tail length of 4.93mm. Note These SSW series PCB through hole board-to-board square post sockets mate with the following: TSW series through hole 2.54mm square post headers - see stock number 767-0849 typically. TSM series SMT 2.54mm square post headers - see stock number 765-6458 typically. 2.54mm Board to Board and Wire to Board - Samtec
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Phoenix Contact 1809694

2mm MGrid Rcpt S/E RA .38AuLF 20Ckt


Connector, P5KS, Socket, 0.50mm pitch, 6

2mm MGrid Rcpt S/E RA .38AuLF 14Ckt

Mini-Fit Header Assy V-0 10Ckt

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