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Enrgtech offers a wide variety of high-quality tools like Wrenches, Hex, Torx Keys, etc., at fabulous prices with free shipping in the UK over 200 pounds Shopping. Shop our range of tools such as Wrenches, Punches, Sockets, Handles, Hex, Torx Keys, and many more. You can get the tools of your choice from us according to your requirements and needs.

Types of Tools We Offer

Following are the types of tools and equipment you will find on our website:


A wrench is a standard tool present in almost every worker and DIY enthusiasts’ tool kit. This tool provides the correct torque for turning objects with standard fasteners like nuts and bolts.

Chemical cleaners:

These are cleaners used to clean the surfaces of Pipeline vessels, equipment, kettles, heat exchangers, and many more things from contaminants. 


This is also known as torches and is a highly convenient hand-held electric lamp. Since the 2000s, the source of light in flashlights has been Light-emitting diodes. 

Hex, Torx keys:

Hex keys are drive tools used for fasteners with heads with internal hexagonal recesses. On the other hand, Torx keys are specifically designed to tighten or loosen Torx fasteners. 


Punches are simple tools used for driving fasteners, making holes, or creating an indentation in a workpiece. 

Personal Protective Equipment:

This is the equipment used to minimize the risk of injuries at the workplace. 

Dispensing Equipment:

This equipment usually helps get rid of common dispensing issues. 

Crimpers, Applicators, Presses:

crimpers, applicators, and presses are devices that are utilized to 

Screw and Nut Drivers:

These tools are used for tightening and loosening different types of fasteners like nuts, bolts, and screws. 

Sockets, Socket Handles:

Sockets and handles are also tools used for tightening nuts, mostly on automobiles. 

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Philips Lighting
TNK-11-05-D5-1-2-P-Y, Philips Lighting
2 In Stock
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£ 230.45
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66261138186, Norton
8 In Stock
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£ 2.79
4750FB1-19A, Bahco
3 In Stock
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£ 69.12
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66261138268, Norton
8 In Stock
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£ 2.76
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TNK-11-05-D5-1-2-P-Y, Philips Lighting

TNK-11-05-D5-1-2-P-Y, Philips Lighting

TNK-11 = Version Housing: Aluminium, Sea Water Resistance Temp.Range: -80...+150 °C Max.Pressure: 16 Bar Probe Material: Brass Protection: IP65 05 = Probe Length: 50 mm D5 = Process connection: Thread Rotatable M18 x 1.5 1 = Sensor Model: Class B 1 x Pt100 2 = Sensor Version: 2 Wire P = Cable clamp: 5-10 mm Diameter Y2441 = Special Feature: Grey Housing
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