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Optics - Light Pipe Kits

A light pipe (LP) kit, like a fiber optic cable, is a practical and simple option for sending light throughout the length of the tube. When a bright light is shone on one end of the pipe, the entire length of the pipe shines brightly. Light pipe kits serve to improve the display quality and provide greater light distribution options. The use of these kits is a relatively cost-effective solution for reducing the number of steps required to transfer light from one end to the other. Enrgtech provides these kits; each comes with paneled or mounting surfaces.

Types of Light Pipes:

commonly there are two types of light pipes used, i.e., rigid, and flexible pipes. 

  • Rigid Light Pipe:

Rigid light pipes are used in applications where the light doesn’t need to bend around a corner or angle and therefore does not bend, similar to flexible light pipes. These polycarbonate rods transmit light from the PCB to the user interface. Rigid light pipes, as compared to flexible light pipes that transmit light over larger distances, are intended for usage in devices where light only needs to travel a small distance from the PCB and panel. Even though inflexible light pipes cannot bend, they can nonetheless move the light around right angles and tight corners.

  • Flexible Light Pipe:

Flexible light pipes, opposite of rigid light pipes made of polycarbonate fiber, are designed to be extremely flexible. Due to the bendable properties of these pipes, they transmit light around the corners without wasting much energy. These bendable properties make it possible to transmit light around corners and tight spaces without losing much energy. These pipes, an ideal solution for various applications, attach to the PCB and carry light from board-mounted LEDs to the control panel while remaining secure and ESD protected.

Types of LP Kits:

These kits can be paneled or mounted on surfaces having a sample of each of the parts to evaluate light pipe performance.

  • Paneled Light Pipe Kit: 

Different leaded LEDs, mounts, lens caps, and light pipe diameters can all be tested with this set. It includes three of each LED color, three of each mount, three of each lens cap, and three standard and big light pipe lengths of 30 cm.

  • Light Pipe Kit, Surface Mount

This kit allows for the evaluation of different leaded LEDs, mounts, lens caps, and light pipe diameters. It comprised of three pieces of each LED color, three of each mount, three of each lens cap, and three standard and large light pipes.

Applications of LP Kit:

They are used in a large variety of markets, including;

  • Communication equipment
  • They are typically used for decorative purposes. 
  • They can be utilized for e-textile projects.
  • They offer services in industrial control.
  • Medical, life safety, security, and 
  • Small space accent lighting applications. 


Light pipe kits transmit up to 80% of radiated light with higher visual performance; they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, these kits have a simpler design procedure and cost about half as much as fiber optic technology. As a result, the market for these kits is growing due to their wide range of applications. We supply the best products from the most trusted and leading brands in the market at affordable prices.


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