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Enrgtech offers a wide variety of high-quality assorted tool kits at fabulous prices with free shipping in the UK over 200 pounds Shopping. Shop our range of kits such as Hardware kits, Resistor Kits, Thermistor kits, fabrication kits, Potentiometer kits, and many more online and get the best deals. 

Enrgtech brings you this wide range of kits that will help you get a lot of tasks done and achieve the required performance. With these kits at hand, you will always have the advantage of getting your project or even routine everyday work done quickly and efficiently. We offer the best quality tools from the most trusted brands in the market, and our shipping procedure is also very smooth and timely. 

Different Types of Kits We Offer

At Enrgtech, you will find the following types of kits to help both professionals and DIY enthusiasts get their work done efficiently and effectively:

Hardware kits: These kits consist of multiple sizes of screws and bolts, O-rings, and even more such fasteners used for a wide variety of applications.

Thermistor Kits: A collection of NTC, PTC, or NTC & PTC thermistors that change their resistance along with a temperature change are known as thermistor kits.

Wire and Cable Tie Kits: Such kits consist of similar products primarily used in wire and cable management.

Connector Adapter Kits: This set consists of a collection of connectors to adapt to connect them to other similar or different kinds of connectors.

Resistor Kits: Such kits help design, construct, and repair electronic devices.

Potentiometer Kits: Potentiometers are commonly known to control electrical; devices like volume or audio equipment.

Discrete Assortment kits: These are pre-packaged sets that consist of surface mount and through-hole discrete semiconductors for experimentations, evaluation, and demonstration. 


We offer free shipping for orders over £200 if delivery is in the UK. All other orders in the UK, shipping from £7.99 depending on the weight and measurement. Mainland Europe shipping charges start from £25. For all other countries shipping charges start from £50 for products like Kits and all others.
You can email us directly at sales@enrgtech.co.uk or via our website for any queries regarding Kits or any other product.
This depends on the Kits individual product and information that can be found on our website.
Yes, we offer special discounts on orders above £200 for Kits and all other products.
UK orders normally take between 2/3 working days. International orders normally take between 3/5 working days for all products including Kits.
Yes. We keep updating our stock frequently and if a product like Kits is not in stock then we will let you know.