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5m Coiled ESD Static Grounding Clamp

Static Grounding Clamp, X45 Medium DutyEarthing electrostatically-charged equipment with certified static earthing clamps is one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of ensuring people are protected from static ignitions in potentially flammable or explosive atmospheres.Steel core cable for maximum mechanical strength combined with light weight and very low electrical resistanceHytrel coated high performance cable for maximum chemical and abrasion resistanceATEX and FM approved clamp for use in all potentially explosive atmosphere zonesCoiled cable retracts when not in use for good house keepingExcellent shape retentionErgonomic design, easy to operatePowerful clamping actionSharp, hard wearing tips for penetrating through paint, rust, etcStandardsEx II 1 GD T6Supplied withCenStat green retractable spiral cable

Midas Blue AMOLED Display 100 x 16pixels COB Parallel Interface

Midas Graphic Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLED)Midas Graphic Displays of Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLED) are available in a range of colours on a black background. Advantages of OLED technology include very low power consumption, very wide viewing angle, and low profile display height. Emitted light colour options are Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and White.The graphic modules are available in 100x16 and 100x8 dots, and require 5 volts of power supply. All OLED graphic modules have on-board controllers and parallel interface.MCOB100016AVMCOB100008AVModule Dimensions: 80 x 36 x 10 mmViewing Area: 66 x 16 mmMCOB100016EVModule Dimensions: 116 x 37 x 9.8mmViewing Area: 85 x 18.6 mmMCOB100016FVModule Dimensions: 122 x 44 x 10 mmViewing Area: 99 x 24 mmMidas Graphic AMOLED Displays

Gai-Tronics 18 Button ATEX, IECEx Rugged Phone

The Auteldac 5 (A5) telephone is aweather resistant unit, designed to withstand arduous industrial atmospheres and environmental extremes. Safe operation in hazardous areas, the Auteldac 5 carbon loaded glass filled polyester enclosure eliminates risk of rust and corrosion. Features include electronic on-hook sensing and electronic tone ringer. Should the handset be left off-hook, the A5 will automatically revert to on-hook state after a period of 7 minutes (optional). Auteldac 5 telephones come complete with an integral ringer with volume control and secondary beacon / external sounder actuator as standard. An inductive coupler is fitted to aid the hard of hearing.

Baumer IVO M23 12-Pin 10m Female Cable & Connector

Universal coders with hollow axis, 58, type GI333 The coder can be powered by a wide supply range of between 4.75 and 30 Vdc.Universal output stage, compatible with Totem pole, NPN or PNP and RS422 or TTL line transmitter.Resolution up to 5000 pulses / turn.A, B, Top zero and complemented output signals.Hollow axis coders for direct mounting onto the end of a motor shaft, bored hole 12 mm H7.Concentric tightening using ring, rotation locking using rod and stopper supplied with the coder.Anti-rotation spring available as a option.Connection via supplied radial connector.Shielded cable connected to the connector available as an option.Application: robotics, metal or wood working, paper, textiles, packaging machinery, etc.Operating voltage:4.75 30 VdcConsumption:30 mA @ 24 Vdc.Frequency: 300 kHz max.Max. 300 kHz.Rotation speed:10,000 rpm max.Moment of inertia:1.45 x 10-6 kgmVibrations: IEC6816 2000 Hz 100 m/sImpact: IEC681000 m/s (4 ms)Universal output stage:Totem pole, NPN or PNP compatible if the coder issupplied at 10 30 Vdc, or Line transmitter compatible with TTL or RS422 if the coder is supplied at 5 VdcHigh level U supply 2 V for I = 20 mA,Low level 0.5 V for I = 20 mAOperating temperature:-25 100 CRelative humidity: 95%Protection index: IP64IP 64Dimensions (mm) 58, depth 51 mmWeight:250 gKubler Push pull interface with inverted signalsShort circuit protectionAge and temperature compensation

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