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The biggest store of electronic, electrical components, and spare parts

Enrgtech is a UK-based fast-growing eCommerce platform for the supply and service distribution of electro-mechanic, electrical and electronic components, semiconductors, and automation products worldwide.

Enrgtech’s strategy is to provide specialized technical expertise and engineering solutions to potential researchers, design engineers, technicians, craftsmen, and maintenance operatives. To deliver our service and products, we have a user-friendly website, real-time stock availability of all our products, and a fast delivery network across the UK and worldwide. We have a robust global presence and success through a world-class supply chain, market intelligence, and engineering expertise.

Our company is committed to quality and provides access to our global inventory, making it one of the most reliable supplies management partners. Enrgtech forges close relationships with customers, allowing us to understand and solve its supply chain challenges. We provide a competitive advantage to customers through quality assurance and technology.

Enrgtech guides innovation for the world’s leading manufacturers of technology ideal for both business and home applications. Our operations, purchasing, and sales worldwide are seamlessly integrated with our global IT infrastructure, offering real-time inventory and logistics visibility anywhere in the world.