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Linear Technology DC2274A


Sloped Front Enclosure, Grey, Steel, 914 x 406 x 282mm

Hoffman - ConsoletsProfessional range of Hoffmann consolets. The consolets are suitable for mounting small control or instrumentation devices. A key feature of the consolets is the ability to mount on either of the two sides. Typical applications where the consolets would be used include desktops, pedestals or other flat surfaces14 gauge steelOil-resistant gasket and adhesive

Linear Technology/Analog Devices LTC6240HVIS8#PBF


LTC2050HVCS8#PBF Linear Technology, Zero Drift, Op Amp, RRO, 3MHz, 2.7 → ±5 V, 8-Pin SOIC

Zero-Drift Op Amps, Linear Technology A range of high performance zero-drift operational amplifiers from Linear Technology suitable for applications where high precision and negligible DC offset are required. These highly integrated devices are generally chopper stabilized and incorporate internal sample-and-hold capacitors. Typical applications include thermocouple amplifiers, electronic weigh scales, medical instrumentation, strain-gauge amplifiers, DC-accurate active filters, 4 to 20mA current loops and high resolution data acquisition. Operational Amplifiers, Linear Technology Linear Technology produces a comprehensive range of high performance operational amplifiers (Op Amps) suitable for a wide variety of signal processing applications. The Op Amp categories include High Speed amplifiers, Low noise amplifiers, Zero-drift amplifiers, Low-power and Micro-power amplifiers, Current Feedback amplifiers and various Precision amplifiers.

Keysight Technologies 34922T Data Acquisition for 34922A Multiplexer

The Keysight 34922T is a terminal block for the 34922A 70-channel armature multiplexer. This terminal block is used for discrete wiring. It supports up to 20 AWG wire size typical for 100 connections. The following two terminal blocks are available to facilitate wiring connections to the 34922A module: 34922T-001 (Option 001) Terminal block with solder connectors, 34922T-002 (Option 002) Terminal block with screw connectorsThe 34922T is a detachable terminal block that provides a flexible method for connecting external wiring.

Crucial 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1866MHz SODIMM 1.35, 1.5 V

Crucial 16 GB DDR3 RAM 1866MHz SODIMM 1.35, 1.5 V

Eaton Momentary Enclosed Push Button - NO/NC, Plastic, 2 Cutouts, IP65

Eaton M22 Series Push Button The RMQ-Titan M22 series from Eaton offers a wide range of attractive, ergonomically designed illuminated and non-illuminated push-buttons including LED elements, selector switches, key switches, push-pulls, alternate action and twist-to-release operators. This comprehensive range of pilot devices is engineered to ensure that your machines, systems, and processes keep running smoothly and offers a wide variety of applications and processes. Designed for optimal functionality with a high degree of protection this range offers a wide range of solutions for your business. Polycarbonate Housing Up/Down arrows on stock no. 511-4996 can be moved to the Left/Right, also an additional N/O or N/C contact may be fitted to each actuator on this station (stock no. 399-3589 or 399-3567 ) Eaton Momentary Enclosed Push Button This enclosed up/down push button enclosure from Eaton's RMQ-Titan range has a drilling dimension of 22.5mm and is made with high-grade steel screws and an enclosure base colour of anthracite (RAL 9005). It has 2 x M20 cable entries at the bottom and a further M20 entry at the top with 2 x M20/M25 entires on either side (1 x each side). Offering an IP protection rating of IP66 meaning it is dust tight and protected against powerful jets of water. Features and Benefits RMQ-Titan (drilling dimensions 22.5 mm) high-grade steel screws Surface mounting enclosure Enclosure base anthracite colour Housing material Insulated

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