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Enrgtech provides a wide range of high-quality switches at reasonable prices. We offer same-day shipping options in the UK and ensure timely delivery of products worldwide to your required locations. With Enrgtech, you can be assured of excellent quality products as we bring products from the leading brands in the market.

Switches are also known to be data link layer networking devices used to connect many devices in the same network, and it uses packet switching to send and receive data quickly. Like the hub, a switch also has many ports to connect the multiple devices, but when data arrives at any of the switch's ports, it finds out the location and then sends it to the corresponding device. Switches support both unicast and multicast communications. 


  • Machinery & robotics industries
  • Transportation industries
  • Automation industries
  • Energy industries

Some Types of Switches

Selector Switches

Selector switches consist of a rotary handle that you can control on or off different types of electrical circuits.

Hall Effect Switch

The hall effect switch works due to the electromagnetic field, so when there is a magnetic effect, it turns on, and when there is none, it stays off. 

Piezo Switch

This is another type of electrical switch is piezo switch, and it is based on the piezo effect. The charge generated through it is used to turn on the integrated semiconductor.

Toggle Switch 

Toggle switches switch an electrical circuit and usually consist of a lever that turns sit on and off.

Touch switch

A touch switch is the kind of switch that turns on when an object touches it, which means it has to be operated by another object.

DIP Switch

DIP switch is packed with other switches as a group in a standard dual-line-packaging.


Piezo Switches

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Toggle Switches

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Selector Switches

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DIP Switches

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Keylock Switches

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Detector Switches

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Pushbutton Switches

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DIP & SIP Switches

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Cable Pull Switches

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Rotary Switches

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