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Analog Devices EVAL-AD7298SDZ, 12-bit ADC Evaluation Board for AD7298
Evaluation Board for AD7298 8-channel, 12-bit ADC The Evaluation Board for AD7298 8-channel, 12-bt ADC is a full featured evaluation board designed to enable the user to easily evaluate all features of the AD7298. The evaluation board also features analogue bias-up circuitry and can be controlled via the SDP connector (J1). The SDP board allows the AD7298 evaluation board to be controlled through the USB port of a PC using the AD7298 evaluation software. On-board components include the ADP1706 low dropout CMOS linear regulator, a low noise amp, the AD8022 high speed and the AD8066 high performance 145 MHz FastFET™ amp. Full featured evaluation board for the AD7298 Link options On-board analogue bias-up circuit PC control in conjunction with system demonstration platform (SDP) PC software for control ADC Evaluation Boards and Development Kits, Analog
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Linear Technology LT1764AETPBF, LDO Regulator, 3A Adjustable, 1.21 → 20 V 5-Pin, TO-220
LDO (Low Dropout) Linear Voltage Regulators, Adjustable Output, Linear Technology LDO (Low Dropout) Linear Voltage Regulators, Linear Technology Linear Technology Low Dropout Linear regulators (LDO) present very low dropout, line and load regulation and fast transient response. The positive, negative and multiple output LDO Linear regulators come in fixed or adjustable outputs. Some LDO+ devices have more features than the standard linear regulators; some can monitor the voltage, current and temperature. They also feature program current limit, active output discharge or even control an upstream supply powering the LDO. Fast Transient response time Wide Input Voltage range: 0.9V to 80V Output Currents from 100mA to 7.5A
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Analog Devices ADSP-BF533SBBCZ500 Blackfin, 16bit DSP 500MHz ROM, SRAM 160-Pin CSP BGA
Blackfin® Digital Signal Processors Analog Devices Blackfin® range of 16/32-bit embedded digital signal processors (DSPs) offer software flexibility and scalability for a multitude of convergent applications: multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing, multimode baseband and packet processing, control processing, and real-time security.
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Analog Devices ADG5413BFBRUZ, Analogue Switch Quad SPST, 8 → 44 V, 16-Pin TSSOP
Dual Supply ±5V to ±20V Analogue Switches, ADG5xx/ADG5xxx Series, Analog Devices Switches and Multiplexers, Analog Devices
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Analog Devices ADUM131E0BRZ PCB SMT 3-channel Digital Isolator, 3 kVrms, 16-Pin SOIC
ADuM131x & ADuM330x 3-channel Digital Isolators The Analog Devices ADuM131x & ADuM330x series of dual three-channel digital isolators incorporating Analog Devices’ iCoupler® technology. They offer superior performance and greater reliability in comparison to opto-coupler and other integrated coupler devices through the combination of high speed CMOS and monolithic air-core transformer technology. Digital Isolators, Analog Devices A comprehensive range of Digital Isolators featuring iCoupler® technology from Analog Devices. These products combine high speed CMOS and monolithic air core transformer technologies to provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to alternative product types such as opto-coupled devices and exhibit superior long-term reliability, stability and longevity.
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Analog Devices ADF4150BCPZ, Frequency Synthesizer, 24-Pin LFCSP WQ
PLL Frequency Synthesizer, Analog Devices Frequency Synthesizers
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Analog Devices EVAL-AD7763EDZ, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC Evaluation Board for AD7763
Evaluation Board for AD7763 24-Bit 625kSPS 109dB ADC with Buffers Full-featured Evaluation Board for the AD7763; 24-Bit, 625kSPS, 109dB Sigma-Delta ADC with On-Chip Buffers, Serial Interface EVAL-CED1Z compatible On-board 4.096V Reference PC Software for control and data analysis for use with EVAL-CED1Z Filter Programmability - Load custom filter to AD7763 ADC Evaluation Boards and Development Kits, Analog
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Analog Devices AD9249-65EBZ, 16-bit ADC Evaluation Board for AD9249
Evaluation Board for AD9249 14-Bit ADC Analog Devices AD9249-65EBZ is an evaluation board for the AD9249, 16-channel 14-bit ADC. This reference design provides the support circuitry required to operate the ADC in its various modes and configurations. ADC Evaluation Boards and Development Kits, Analog
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Analog Devices AD8330-EVALZ, Differential Amplifier Evaluation Board for AD8330
Evaluation Board for AD8330 VGA Amplifier An evaluation board from Analog Devices that allows a hands-on evaluation of the AD8330 variable gain amplifier (VGA). The current required for the board is approximately 40 mA from the +5 V supply and 10 mA from the -5 V supply. The AD8330 Evaluation Board includes test pins for connections to all of the functional device inputs and an AD8131 high speed differential amplifier to convert a single-ended input to a differential signal for the input to the AD8330. Differential Amplifiers, Analog Devices
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Analog Devices EK1HMC7043LP7F, Clock Buffer Evaluation Board for HMC7043
Evaluation Board for HMC7043LP7F Fanout Buffer The Analog Devices EK1HMC7043LP7F evaluation board is designed to evaluate the functionality of the HMC7043 device. The HMC7043 14-output fanout buffer offers various clock management and distribution features. The device is designed for multi-carrier GSM and LTE base station applications. The EK1HMC7043LP7F board is an easy-to-use evaluation system. The inputs and outputs on the EK1HMC7043LP7F board are configured as differential. The board is powered via USB connection and on-board LDO voltage regulator. Features and Benefits AC-coupled differential SMA connectors Windows based evaluation software GPIO header for easy access to digital input/output and diagnostic signals Status LED for diagnostic signals USB computer interface
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Eval Board for HMC241QS16 SP4T Switch
Evaluation Board for HMC241QS16 SP4T Switch The 102913-HMC241QS16, from Analog Devices Hittite, is an evaluation board designed to evaluate the HMC241QS16 SP4T Switch. Switches and Multiplexers, Analog Devices
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Analog Devices EVAL-CN0274-SDPZ, CN0274 Accelerometer Sensor Evaluation Board
Evaluation Board for 3-Axis Motion Activated Switch An evaluation board from Analog Devices implementing an ultra-low-power, 3-Axis motion activated switch. The circuit provides an industry leading, low-power motion sensing solution suitable for a multitude of applications including wireless sensors, metering devices, home healthcare, and portable devices. It is ideal for applications where extended battery life is important, and draws less than 3uA when the switch is on, and less than 0.3uA in the off state. Load current switching capacity is up to 1.1A. The evaluation board includes the following ICs: ADXL362 Nano-power 3-axis digital output MEMS Accelerometer ADP195 Logic-controlled, High-side Power Switch Accelerometers, Analog Devices