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Sensor ICs

IC (integrated circuit) sensors are miniature semiconductor devices designed to detect and sense multiple ranges of different parameters. These sensor ICs are usually integral parts of circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs) and are available in several types. These types depend on various factors for which they are used, such as light, movement, pressure, and temperature. 

We house a wide range of sensor ICs from the leading manufacturers suitable for different sensing applications. Read on further to find the most widely used types with their functions. 

Sensor ICs types and their functions:

There are various integrated circuit sensors, each suited for a specific purpose. These small-sized and reliable ICs are the crucial components of almost every piece of electronic equipment, like smartphones, cameras, PCs, and cars. Furthermore, they also function as multipurpose ICs in each circuit, such as the existence of multiple IC sensors in a single mobile phone. The following are some of the most widely used sensors ICs with their functions.

  • Hall effect sensors

These sensors ICs, the integral components in various car gearboxes, are designed to measure an object's position changes. 

  • Sound sensors

These are the crucial components of various portable and smart devices, such as microphones and smartphones, designed to sense the sound's frequency.

  • Light sensors

As the name suggests, these sensors are ideal for detecting ambient light in various display monitors that adjust the auto-brightness of a device. 

  • Temperature sensors

The integral parts of various air conditioning systems are used to sense or measure the temperature.

  • Pressure sensors

These sensors measure the pressure, water levels, and altitude for various environmental applications. 

  • Proximity sensors

These sensors are designed to sense the presence or absence of objects by transmitting signals.

  • Accelerometer sensors

These devices are the integral parts of various innovative equipment that detect the speed or acceleration by detecting steps. 

Other collections at Enrgtech:

Despite the above types, other types are available that are robust and extremely versatile in their specified applications. Visit our website to explore more sensor ICs with efficient delivery and the most affordable prices on the market.

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