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Oscilloscopes & Accessories

What are Oscilloscopes and Accessories?

Oscilloscopes and accessories are laboratory-oriented equipment employed to calculate voltage against time and draw an immediate depiction of the voltage. This has been used for a variety of applications, which include testing all electrical equipment. This is a special type of instrument that requires calibration. From as low as 1Hz to many MHz, they may show both alternating current (AC) and pulsating direct current (DC) waveforms. Additionally, oscilloscopes of excellent quality may display signal frequencies as high as several hundred GHz. An oscilloscope's display is divided into vertical and horizontal segments. The horizontal section of the display shows the time, and the vertical section shows the voltage.

What are the most commonly used types of Oscilloscopes?

In the industry today, several types of oscilloscopes and accessories are provided with in-depth understanding, such as:

  • Digital Oscilloscopes - Several software tools are used over here for developing this device and electronic hardware equipment that work to detect, process, and output electronic signals.
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes - This is working with two or more analog channels embedded with many digital channels. The advantages of the oscilloscope over here are that a separate logic analysis would not be needed anymore.
  • Analog Oscilloscopes - This is also referred to as a cathode-ray oscilloscope. This is the oldest type. It generates a picture on the display and leads a concentrated electron beam to traverse in a pattern across the surface of the cathode ray tube.

What are the most frequently used Oscilloscope Accessories?

We provide a wide selection of accessories. In addition to our vast selection of oscilloscopes, we also provide a vast selection of accessories, including spectrum analyzers, signal amplifiers, current probes, and clamps from top manufacturers like Fluke, Keysight, and ISO-TECH.


  • Current probes and Clamps - Current clamps and probes come with jaws that are always open to clamp near an electronic device to measure the current potential regardless of making a physical connection with it. They are frequently employed to measure the potential or magnitude of alternating currents.
  • Oscilloscope Probes - Electrical engineers typically use them. Make sure the probe's capacitance is within the oscilloscope's measurement range when choosing the appropriate probe. Read the oscilloscope's instructions to determine which probe is needed.
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