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Processors & Microcontrollers

Processors and microcontrollers are semiconductor devices with a CPU (Central Processing Unit) and supporting circuitry designed for use in computational devices such as computers and other related equipment. These devices are essential in a wide variety of day-to-day devices, usually in a circuit called the digital board, controller, motherboard, or main board.

What are processors?

A processor, mostly known as a microprocessor, differs from a microcontroller that primarily focuses on performance rather than application. These devices consist of a smaller number of peripherals and internal functions to accelerate their specific algorithms, such as graphics processing. They are capable of handling multiple architectural interfaces and instruction codes with an instruction set with a bit width of 32, 64, or even longer.

What are microcontrollers?

A microcontroller is a miniature computer-embedded IC (integrated circuit) consisting of a CPU, memory chips (RAM, ROM), and other peripherals used for a wide range of controlled applications. They are called minicomputer embedded systems due to their self-contained computers with data bus width sizes of 32-bit MCU, 16-bit, and 8 Bit microcontroller instruction sets. Their integral memory devices store codes even in unpowered conditions, allowing them to run their application codes.

Available Microprocessors and Microcontrollers :

We stock various high-performance processors, microcontrollers, micro-processing units (MPUs), and digital signal processors (DSPs) from renowned manufacturers and brands. These devices are available in different package options to suit users’ versatile applications.

What are the typical peripherals included?

There are various peripherals included, such as:

  • Digital-to-Analogue Converters (DACs).
  • Analogue-to-Digital Converters (ADCs).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) converts parallel signals into serial, while serial signals into parallel.
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) is designed to provide an accurate time measurement with real-time monitoring.

Where are processors and microcontrollers used?

Depending on the type of semiconductor device, they are widely utilized for:


  • Keyboard controllers
  • Cameras
  • Personal Computers 
  • Automobile engine control systems
  • Washing machines
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Security alarms
  • Power tools
  • Remote controls
  • Office machines
  • Toys
  • Traffic lights
  • Defense systems
  • Complex industrial controllers, etc.
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