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Osram OT FIT 50/220-240/1A0 CS, Constant Current LED Driver Module 56W 27 → 54V 1.05A, OPTOTRONIC FIT Series
OPTOTRONIC FIT LED Drivers The OPTOTRONIC FIT series from Osram are a family of compact constant current LED drivers for indoor applications. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications due to an output power range of up to 80 W. The OPTOTRONIC FIT LED drivers are highly efficient and reliable whilst offering a high quality of light due to a low output ripple current. The also feature a safety requirement due to overload, overtemperature and Hot Plug detection. Features of the OPTOTRONIC FIT LED drivers: Linear/area constant current Non-dimmable Supply voltage: 220 - 240 V Suitable for luminaires with Tri-Tap For indoor SELV and non-SELV applications
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Osram LED Floodlight, 20 W, 2100 lm, IK07, IP65 240 V
Product benefits Energy savings of up to 90 % compared to halogen lamp floodlights Frosted cover made of tempered glass for uniform illumination Optimized weight and size due to compact design 3 years guarantee Areas of application Replacement for floodlights with halogen lamps Car parks and underpasses Public areas Building facades Construction areas Product features Luminaire efficacy: up to 110 lm/W Symmetrical beam angle: 100° x 100° Mounting bracket for up to 180° tilting Ambient temperature in operation: -20…+50 °C Connection via 1 m cable, wiring required
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Osram FX-DCS-G1-EHS-KIT20, FX-DCS LED Clip for LINEARlight Flex Side Diffuse 400 LED Strips
OSRAM LINEARlight System The LINEARLIGHT FLEX DIFFUSE 400 range from Osram provides an ambient lighting solution for comfortable or accentuating lighting systems in almost any situation. The modular flex design allows for applications on both large and small scale projects, to produce solutions in building and architectural settings and along with special accenting in objects such as shelving and tables. LED Light Strip Accessories
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Osram, 1.5 W Round Blue LED Drum Lamp Drum Lamp, 220 → 240 V, Polycarbonate, IP67
Osram AQUALED 2 S Recessed LED Ground Floor Light IP67 The OSRAM AQUALED 2 S is a robust LED outdoor and indoor spotlight, with a polycarbonate body. This walkover LED light comes with a decorative V4A stainless steel head ring. The beam angle of the recessed floor luminaire is 100°. The OSRAM AQUALED 2 S is IP67 rated, it features integrated electrical ballast (ECG) and emits a very homogenous light. Ideal applications of the AQUALED 2 S are in orientation lighting, indoor and outdoor ground lighting, pedestrian areas, parks, streets and squares. Excellent price/performance ratio Very homogenous light Wattage 1.5 W Robust, polycarbonate luminaire body Decorative V4A stainless steel ring Diffuse light distribution Beam angle 100 degrees Through wiring possible Maximum load 1,000 kg Impact resistance IK08 Ground Lights and Up Lighting
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ES/E27 Retrofit Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, 30 W, 4000K, Cool White Colour Tone
Dulux Intelligent Longlife Lamps The Osram Dulux intelligent longlife lamp is ideal for use in general illumination, Hotels, restaurants, facility management, when light is required quickly. This energy saving lamp is very durable and it has a very long average lifetime. Very durable due to high switching resistance extremely fast lumen ramp-up thanks to quick light technology Average lifetime 20000 hours 500000 switchin cycles warm comfort light similar to that of an incandescent lamp
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70 W Clear Tubular SON-T Lamp, ES/E27, 2000K, 37mm
Vialox® NAV®-T SUPER 4Y® Tubular clear high pressure sodium lamps. Bright and very economical 4 year relamping cycle 20% higher efficiency and 25% longer life as a direct replacement for NAV®-T Standard and 4Y Without igniter Ideal for street lighting, floodlighting and indoor lighting in heavy industry Discharge SON Lamps These lamps combine high efficiency and long life with an improvement in colour appearance and rendering compared with low pressure lamps. SON lamps emit a golden-white light. The SON-T lamp, with its clear tubular outer envelope, lends itself to applications that demand precise optical control, e.g. floodlighting. The SON-E lamp, with its elliptical glass bulb, inside which a white diffusing coating is applied, suits other applications where such accuracy of light control is not so essential. An ignitor (internal or external) is used to supply the high voltage necessary for lamp strike up. Reliable strike up (when hot, less than 60 seconds) thus is ensured, and a simple choke is used to stop excessive voltage rise. The run-up time can be up to 6 minutes when cold.
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Osram GU10 LED Reflector Bulb 5.5 W(50W) 2700K, Warm White Non-Dimmable
Osram LED STAR PAR16 LED GU10 The Osram LED STAR PAR16 LED reflector lamp has a warm white colour and is the perfect replacement for halogen GU10 reflector lamps. These compact LED reflector lamps reduce energy consumption up to 85% compared to standard halogen reflector lamps. The Osram LED STAR is shockproof and vibration proof. Ideal applications of this LED reflector lamp are in hotels, restaurants, commercial areas, residential areas, office space, art galleries and museums. GU10 base for easy replacement Equipped with high-efficiency patented LEDs, quality assured Shockproof and vibration-proof LED PAR16 lamp as replacement for 50W halogen lamps Warm white colour (2700K) Conforms to 1194/2012 EU Reduces energy consumption up to 85% Energy Class A Shock-proof and vibration-proof 15,000 hours lifetime Non dimmable UV and NIR radiation free Mercury free
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Osram 35 W GLS Halogen Bulb GU5.3, 12 V, 51mm
Decostar Titan Dichroic Reflector Lamps The Osram DECOSTAR® Titan halogen lamps have a dichroic coating that provides a bright light and a constant colour temperature throughout the entire life of the lamp. This halogen reflector lamp can operate on a lighting dimmer control. The axial filament of the DECOSTAR® halogen lamp provides accurate focusing and optimum light. Ideal applications in general illumination, shops, restaurant, hotels, offices and public buildings. Brilliant accent lighting Constant bluish appearance of the light escaping from the back of the reflector Dichroic reflector reduces the heat in the light beam Constant luminous intensity and color location throughout life UV filter Contains no mercury Average life 4000 hours Dimmable
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Osram HALOGEN PRO CLASSIC 46 W GLS Halogen Bulb ES / E27, Candle, 240 V, 45mm
Halogen Classic P ECO Globe Lamps Mains voltage energy saving globe shape halogen GLS lamps, no transformer required. Perfect for General illumination, mood lighting, entrance lighting and mirror lighting Fully dimmable Direct eco replacement for basic indandescent candle lamps No warm up time 2,000 hours average life Perfect color rendering UV filter
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70 W HCI-ET Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp, E27 Elliptical Open Fitting, 7900 lm, 24000h
Osram POWERBALL HCI-ET SUPER 4Y Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps Osram POWERBALL HCI-ET Super 4Y are metal halide lamps with ceramic technology for enclosed luminaires. They are suitable for use in applications such as: Streets, outdoor lighting, industrial installations, exhibition halls and trade fairs. POWERBALL lamps provide good colour rendering and up to 15% higher lumen maintenance factor compared to standard HCI-ET lamps. Lumen efficacy is up to 30% higher when compared to NAV-T Super 4Y/6Y. Ignition voltage within the requirements of IEC60662 is met, therefore these lamps can be operated in existing HPS installations. Key features: White light due to POWERBALL ceramic technology Light colour: warm white (830 WDL) Extended service lifetime: 4 years (at approx. 11 h/day) Very high luminous efficacy: up to 110 lm/W UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter Dimmable on conventional control gears and electronic control gears Optimum energy efficiency on POWERTRONIC PTo 3DIM ECGs Lamp survival factor: 95 % after 16,000 hours burning time Energy savings of up to 70 % when replacing inefficient mercury vapour lamps (HQL) Average lifetime: up to 24000 hours Note Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires. Approvals ErP compliant according to EU Directive 245/2009 Metal Halide These lamps produce a clear white light and are suitable for display or floodlighting, where the heat output from tungsten halogen lamps would create a problem. Metal Halide Lamps have an efficiency approx. 4 times higher than halogen lamps and xenon lamps. In addition, the short-arc type is similar to a point light source, making optical design easy. As their colour temperature characteristics are similar to daylight colour, exact colours (RGB) can be reproduced. They can also be used for both high bay and low bay applications.,Compared to High Pressure Mercury lamps, Metal Halide lamps offer greater efficiencies and, compared t...
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Osram DOT-IT DOT-it Vario LED Spotlight
LED Battery Powered Lights - DOT-it Circular Vario The Osram DOT-IT VARIO is a directional tap light, which offers 360 degrees of precise lighting. Simple twist the reflector 360 Degrees to direct which way the LED light illuminates. This LED light can be attached almost anywhere to provide a pool of light. Complete with 3 replaceable batteries (AAA) battery life of up to 100 hours. Rotatable and tiltable reflector head for directional light 3 super bright LEDs Bayonet base, for easy battery exchange Up to 100 hours battery life Supplied with Adhesive pad, magnet and hook-and-loop pad mounting options, 3 x AAA batteries
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Osram HALOLINE PRO 230 W Linear Halogen Lamp R7s, Linear, 230 V ac, 12mm
OSRAM HALOLINE ECO PRO Linear Halogen Lamps OSRAM HALOLINE ECO PRO R7S series halogen lamps are available in two wattage options to choose from 694-8888 694-8882 Features and Benefits: Typical Applications: FAQs: What are halogen lamps and how they work? Can this linear light bulb be used in a light fitting that specifies a lower wattage bulb? Are halogen linear bulbs energy efficient?