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Tapes are adhesive-coated backing materials used to bond materials for a range of protective and fastening applications. They are indispensable materials for everyday life or DIY projects to seal various packages and are essential for every home. They are also known as adhesive tapes with different colour varieties and materials. Furthermore, they are available in different shapes, especially as adhesive rolls for binding or sealing a variety of different materials. Additionally, they are constructed from exceptionally durable materials to carry out their robust functionality. 

Available Distinct Tape Types:

Enrgtech supplies different tapes from renowned brands that are ideal for every household’s daily application. For instance, tapes are available for loop and hook, electrical insulation tapes, etc. Some of them are listed below:

  • Packing tapes
  • Cloth tapes
  • ESD-Safe tapes
  • Masking tapes
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Office tapes
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Reflective tapes
  • Copper tape
  • Clear tapes
  • Double-sided plastic tapes
  • Double-sided foam tapes
  • Duct tapes
  • Metallic tapes
  • Safety & hazard tapes
  • Gaffer tapes, and many more. 

How Are Tapes Categorized?

Adhesive tapes are classified into the following categories based on their specifications and include:  

  • Single Adhesive/Double-Sided Tapes 

These tapes are ideal for almost every environment. They are made from durable materials with either one or two adhesive sides with a great range of sealing, fixing, mounting, masking, and protecting applications.  

  • Self-Amalgamating Tapes

As the name suggests, these tapes fuse upon considerable stretch without any adhesives. They are the ideal choice for electrical insulation in various applications. 

  • Duct Tape

Duct tapes, also referred to as duck or cloth tapes, are made from cloth coated with polyethene. They offer more resistance properties against various materials with sealing and repairing applications. However, as they are not completely waterproof, they are not always used for ducts. 

  • Reflective Tapes

Reflective tapes provide excellent safety with unique features as compared to other tapes. They are used on roads for safety purposes and are extremely resistant to heat and flames. Due to their visibility in low lighting circumstances, they are fixed on roads for protective indications and essential items in fire coats and other fireproof clothing items. 

  • Gaffer Tapes

Unlike reflective tapes, gaffer tapes are a non-reflective and duct-type variety which is easy to remove. They mark different stage positions, devices, or equipment in filmmaking in theatres. 

  • Hook and Loop Tapes 

These tapes offer excellent fastening applications for furniture and clothes with excellent fastenings. They are pressed together with two tape types to ensure firm bonding functions. They effectively replace fastening systems like buttons or zips on clothes.

Materials for Tapes:

Adhesive tapes are made from a range of different materials, like plastic, Paper, PTFE, and Foam, which determine their applications and suitability for specific purposes, such as:

  • Cloth – Tapes with cloth backing provide efficient marking applications and are available in different colours. They are coated with rubber adhesives and are extremely strong.
  • Aluminium/Foil – Tapes made from powerful adhesives with remarkable features. They are best for environments with the maximum conductivity and resistance, such as HVAC, electrical, and construction industries. 
  • Copper – are the main item for electronics with maximum flexibility. They come as conductive or non-conductive tape types.  

What Are the Typical Applications of Tapes? 

 Tapes are versatile adhesive materials with different applications in daily households and other environments. They are used for:


  • Hazard signalling applications
  • Electrical insulation
  • Marking applications (lane marking)
  • Decoration 
  • Masking
  • Packaging.
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