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Office Tapes

Office tapes are essential supplies in different types, sizes, and colors. They are commonly used to secure and bind documents, envelopes, packages, and other office materials. This article will explore the different types of office tapes and their uses.

Transparent Tapes:

Transparent tapes are the most common type of office tape. They are made of thin plastic film and have a sticky adhesive on one side. They are used for general-purpose tasks, such as attaching papers, photos, or notes to walls, whiteboards, or other surfaces. They are also used for gift wrapping, repairing tears in documents, and other everyday tasks.

Double-Sided Tapes- Double-sided tapes have adhesive on both sides of the tape, making them ideal for joining two surfaces together. They are often used for mounting photos, posters, and artwork on walls and for creating displays and exhibitions.

Masking Tapes- Masking tapes are made of paper and have a light adhesive that allows them to be easily removed without damaging surfaces. They are commonly used for labeling, marking, and masking off areas during painting and other tasks.

Duct Tapes- Duct tapes are heavy-duty tapes that are extremely strong and durable. They are often used for binding, sealing, and repairing heavy items such as boxes, pipes, and equipment.

Where To Use Office Tapes?

Office tapes are an essential office supply that can be used for various tasks. Choosing the suitable tape for the job can make a big difference in the success of your project.

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202843, Advance Tapes
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810 19MM X 33M, 3M

810 19MM X 33M, 3M

3M Magic Tape 810 The 3M Magic Tape 810 is a high quality, transparent office tape that does not age. The permanent adhesive tape is non-yellowing, becomes almost invisible when attached and can be typed or written on. Features and Benefits Will not ghost on photocopies Does not dry out or crack Easy to use Does not tear when unrolled Write on using pencil, pen or markers Typical Applications Use for sealing envelopes or for repairing torn document in the office, school or at home
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202843, Advance Tapes

202843, Advance Tapes

Translucent Tape Translucent tape for joining stage and dance floors and scenery, repair of documents and protection of painted surfaces. Conforms to BS3887: 1991 Flame retardant Self-extinguishing Conformable to awkward shapes Water resistant Good abrasion resistance Non-corrosive adhesive Adhesion to steel: 3.5N/cm Approvals BS3887: 1991
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