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Multimeters & Accessories

Enrgtech stocks a range of multimeters and their accessories from leading manufacturers. These multimeters come in a range of styles and designs to suit users’ applications. We carry multiple multimeter accessories with robust designs and sturdy construction required for the smooth functioning of several multimeter types. 

Types of Multimeters and Their Accessories: 

Multimeters are fault-detecting devices that precisely measure multiple appliances, including power supply wires and circuits. They are suitable for a wide range of special applications with different IP ratings. Multimeters come in digital and analogue types with different configurations and display readings. The digital multimeters are further subdivided into: 

  • Fluke multimeters
  • Clamp digital multimeters, and
  • Auto-ranging multimeters.

Available Multimeter Accessories:

We carry a wide variety of multimeter accessories and adapters, each suitable for a specific application.

  • Adapters
  • Multimeter cases
  • Multimeter leads
  • Fuses
  • Current clamp adapters
  • Multimeter kits
  • Multimeter holsters
  • Current clamps
  • Tester leads
  • Multimeter rack mount kits

What Do Multimeters and Supporting Accessories Do?

Multimeters are voltage, resistance, and current measuring devices for various circuit and power supply devices. They come in multiple sizes and features, as well as several types. Depending on the requirements, they are suitable for engineering laboratories, workshops, power electronics, and wiring industries. 

Multimeter-supported accessories are essential to assemble the complete system of multimeters. Depending on the accessory types, they are indispensable to the proper functioning of various multimeters.

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I200S UKAS CAL, Fluke
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I200S UKAS CAL, Fluke

I200S UKAS CAL, Fluke

Measurement Range: 0.1 → 24 A and 0.5 → 240 A Output Signal: 100 mV/A in the 20 A range and 10 mV/A in the 200 A range Supplied with a BNC connector for use with oscilloscopes, ScopeMeters® and testing devices with a BNC input Banana / BNC adapter for use with a multimeter
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