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RS Pro Aluminium Alloy Strut 80 x 80, 8mm Groove , 2000mm L, Series Profile 8

850-8505 RS Pro Aluminium Alloy Strut 80 x 80, 8mm Groove , 2000mm L, Series Profile 8
RS Pro

Product Information

Strut Profile:
80 x 80 mm
Structural Element Type:
Strut Profile
Product System:
Series 2
Profile 8
Number of Grooves:
Groove Size:
RoHs Compliant
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This is Aluminium Alloy Strut 80 x 80 8mm Groove 2000mm L Series Profile 8 manufactured by RS Pro. The manufacturer part number is 850-8505. It has about 80 x 80 mm strut profile . It has a standard strut profile type structural element . The product's system is series 2 . The product profile 8, is a highly preferred choice for users. It has a decent silver colour. The product is made from highly stable and reliable aluminium. Its accurate length is 2000mm. It has 8 dedicated grooves . It has a standard 8mm size groove .

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RS PRO Structural Systems Guide(Technical Reference)
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RS PRO Datasheet(Technical Reference)


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Understanding Tubing and Profile Struts

Tubing and profile struts are essential components in various structural applications. These elements offer strength, flexibility, and adaptability to different industrial, architectural, and mechanical systems, ensuring stability and longevity. From infrastructure to machinery, they provide critical support and functionality, demonstrating the central role of engineering and design in everyday life. Tubing and profile struts represent the unsung heroes of our modern world. They continue to play a pivotal role in various industries and applications by providing support, facilitating transport, and enabling complex structures.

Tubing: Versatility in Shapes and Materials

Tubing is cylindrical in form, often hollow, and used in countless applications. Depending on the use case, tubes can be round, square, or rectangular, providing versatility in design and assembly.
Materials used in tubing range from metals like steel and aluminium to plastics such as PVC and polyethene. Each material offers unique characteristics, including varying degrees of strength, flexibility, and heat, chemicals, or corrosion resistance. This wide range of options allows engineers to choose the most suitable tubing material for specific environments and operational requirements.

Customised Support Structures

Profile struts, often called strut channels, are standardised structural components. They have a unique profile, usually a C-channel shape, that enables secure attachment of various parts. These struts are extensively used to create frameworks for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical systems like HVAC.
These struts are customisable, allowing them to cater to the specific needs of different projects. This flexibility, ease of installation, and adjustability make them ideal for creating complex support structures.

Application Potential: Building the Modern World

Tubing and profile struts have widespread applications in different fields, including.
Construction: These components serve as vital components in the building of infrastructure, including bridges, skyscrapers, and roads.
Manufacturing: They're integral to machinery, providing a sturdy framework and facilitating the movement of liquids, gases, or solids.
Automotive and Aerospace Industries: They contribute to vehicle body structures and fluid transport systems.

The Future of Tubing and Profile Struts
With continuous advancements in material science and manufacturing technologies, the future of tubing and profile struts looks promising. Emerging trends, such as using lightweight, high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, promise to improve the efficiency and sustainability of these essential components.


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