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RS Pro Lubricant 50 ml Tube Anti-Seize Copper
Anti-seize Compound Copper-based anti-seize compound for lubricating and preventing seizure between metal surfaces when applied before assembly. Ideal for freeing solder iron bits.
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RS Pro 15 Core Screened Black PVC Industrial Cable, 0.055 mm² CSA 25m
7 / 0.1mm (0.055mm²) - Screened Tinned copper stranded conductors covered by 0.2mm PVC, overall tinned copper braided screen with an outer black PVC sheath. Features and Benefits Max. working voltage 250V Max. current per core 0.25A Core/Screen capacitance (nominal) 85pF/m Resistance per core 384Ω/km Connection Data Core colours for up to 36 core cable: 1 Red 10 Pink 19 Yellow/Blue 28 Orange/Green 2 Blue 11 Turquoise 20 White/Blue 29 Grey/Green 3 Green 12 Grey 21 Blue/Black 30 Yellow/Brown 4 Yellow 13 Red/Blue 22 Orange/Blue 31 White/Brown 5 White 14 Green/Red 23 Green/Blue 32 Brown/Black 6 Black 15 Yellow/Red 24 Grey/Blue 33 Grey/Brown 7 Brown 16 White/Red 25 Yellow/Green 34 Yellow/Violet 8 Violet 17 Red/Black 26 White/Green 35 Violet/Black 9 Orange 18 Red/Brown 27 Green/Black 36 White/Violet Note The bend radius is 8 x the cable outer diameter measurement. Standards DEF STAN 61.12 parts 4 and 5 Standards Defence Standard 61-12, Parts 4 and 5; NBN EN ISO 9001; OP-QAO-003; OP-QIO-504; KI-QIO-616 Warning These cables are not to be regarded as power cables, or cables for the direct connection of equipment to mains power supplies.
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RS Pro PVC Green Cable Sleeve 4mm 30m
General Purpose PVC Sleeving A flexible PVC sleeving in a wide range of sizes and colours, manufactured to BS2848/3/85T, used to facilitate overall protection of cable harnesses. Features and benefits • Self-extinguishing • Flexible • Ideal for insulating wire • Available in a range of sizes, lengths and colours Note This product is Compliant with ROHS 2002/95/EC the Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
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RS PRO AC Motor, 0.55 kW, IE1, 3 Phase, 4 Pole, 400 V, Flange Mount Mounting
Frame 63-160 Thermistors Fitted as standard Located Bearing at NDE Reinforced bearing housing 80-112 DE Only 132 & 160 DE & NDE Oil Seal fitted as standard at both Ends RAL7031 rustproof painting 40micron min Inverter rated windings CT = 2:1 VT = 10:1 NDE Shaft drilled and Tapped for easy mounting of accessories Two earthing terminals Bearing C3 Shielded Bearing make SKF, FAG, NSK, NTN
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RS Pro D-sub, 9-Pin (Serial) Male to D-sub, 25-Pin Female Network Adapter
9-25 Way D Adaptors 9-25 way adaptors in various configurations to meet your requirements. These fully moulded adaptors can be used to match up peripheral units with different connector sizes quickly and easily. Durability of 100 mating cycles. 300V operating voltage. Screw posts (SP) and locking posts (LP) options on each connector (see price table for details). Pin assignment D Sub 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 Shell D Sub 25 8 3 2 20 7 6 22 Shell
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RS PRO Test lead, 10A, 5kV, Red, 1m Lead Length
RS Pro Crocodile clips and high-voltage leads Brought to you by RS Pro, a series of crocodile clips and high-voltage test leads perfect for your application. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality. Crocodile Clips: 423-3169 & 423-3153 • Red or Black • The crocodile clips are for use of up to 5000 V, with a maximum allowable current of 10 A. • Max jaw opening of 20 mm High-voltage test leads: 423-3197 & 423-3175 • Red or Black • The test leads are fitted with a connector featuring a 4 mm safety banana plug at each end. • 1 m lead length
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SPDT Roller Lever Mini Micro Switch, 7 A @ 250 V ac
Miniature Micro-switches Environmentally sealed in epoxy and enclosed in a corrosion resistant aluminuim housing Stainless steel pin plunger with silicone rubber seal Protected against atmospheric pressure variations, moisture, vapour and a wide range of contaminants May be used in areas specified in zone 2 of BS5501 Supplied with stainless steel lever actuator and fittings Complete with 300mm PTFE covered leads Operating temperature range: -62 to +80°C Switch type: Switch SPDT Connection: Spade cable shoes 6.3 ´ 0.8 mm, 189157: although 4.8 ´ 0.5 mm Switch material: Silver Mechanical life: 30 ´ 10 6 functions at max. contact load Temp. range: -55°C* to +85°C Dimensions: See drawings
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RS Pro PVC 5m Long Black Flexible Ducting Reinforced, 76mm Bend Radius , Applications Various
High Temperature Ducting An RS Pro of thermoplastic rubber hosing with galvanised steel spiral. Designed for suction and the transport of air and acid vapours. PVC coated steel spiral helix embedded between two layers of thermoplastic, heat resistant, alcryn rubber High resistance to acid and oil fumes, ozone, sunlight, aging and oxidation Good resistance to high and low temperatures, fatigue and vibration Suitable for automotive air intakes and general purpose air and fume extraction Self extinguishing Note All data refers to performance at 18°C. Any change in temperature will affect the performance data
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45 x 45mm Hydraulic Square Punch and Die Tool
Hydraulic System Cutters Hole cutters for use specifically with the hydraulic pump/cylinder stock no. 605-223. Punches and dies designed to cut mild steel and aluminium up to 3mm (10 swg) thick. The larger hole cutters are particularly useful when panel mounting fans and DIN style equipment. Instructions included. Ball race included
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RS Pro Steel Flexible Rule Imperial or Metric 150mm
RS Pro 851 Series Satin Chrome Flexible Rule A range of professional quality steel rules from RS Pro. Manufactured from high-quality British steel and finished in non-glare satin chrome. These flexible rules are metric & imperial with a high degree of accuracy. Features and Benefits Professional quality steel rules Finished in non-glare satin chrome Manufactured from high-quality British steel Fully hardened & tempered Available in 2 lengths Rule Markings Obverse side: 16ths, 32nds, 64ths, 10ths, 20ths, 50ths, 100ths Reverse side: 1.0 mm, 0.5 mm Application Information Ideal for professionals, engineers or where a high degree of measurement accuracy is required. Standards Conform to EEC-Class 1 Name Symbol Conversion factor in in 25,4 mm ft ft 0,3045 m yard yd 0,9144 m mile mile 1609,344 m nau.mil nau.mil 1852 m
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RS Pro ECP6-350IL, Constant Current LED Driver 6W 18.5V 350mA
RS ECP6 Series 6W Constant Current LED Driver Power Supply ECP6 series 6W constant current LED driver power supply with an input voltage range of 240 to 240Vac, PFC function and a compact and lightweight plastic case. Input range of 240 to 240Vac 6W output power PFC of >0.5 Short circuit, overload and over temperature protection EMC compliance to EN55015 Harmonic current compliance to EN61000-3-2 Standards EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13 Sorry Your request could not be completed at this time