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MULTICOMP PETAM1901BK25C, Sleeving, Expandable, Braided, PE (Polyester), Black, 19.1 mm, 25 m, 82 ft

petam1901bk25c MULTICOMP PETAM1901BK25C, Sleeving, Expandable, Braided, PE (Polyester), Black, 19.1 mm, 25 m, 82 ft

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The MULTICOMP PETAM1901BK25C is a high-quality sleeving solution designed to offer superior wire protection and management. Made from braided polyester (PE), this expandable sleeving boasts durability and flexibility. Its black colour ensures a sleek, professional appearance for any application. The sleeving has a diameter of 19.1 mm, making it suitable for a wide range of cable sizes. It comes in a length of 25 meters (approximately 82 feet), providing ample material for both small and large projects. This versatile sleeving solution combines durability, flexibility, and ease of use, making it an essential component for cable management and protection strategies in a wide array of settings.

Special Features and Benefits of the Cable Sleeving

  • Crafted from polyester, the sleeving is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV light.
  • The expandable nature of this sleeving allows it to fit over cables and connectors of various sizes.
  • Its flexible design enables quick and easy application or removal.
  • The sleek black colour enhances the appearance of cable runs, offering a clean and organised design.
  • The material offers moderate thermal insulation, protecting cables from extreme temperatures.

The MULTICOMP PETAM1901BK25C, Sleeving, Expandable, Braided, PE (Polyester), Black, 19.1 mm, 25 m, 82 ft: Use Cases

The MULTICOMP PETAM1901BK25C sleeving finds its use in a myriad of applications across different industries. It is particularly beneficial in:

  • For bundling and protecting cables in consumer electronics, computers, and peripherals.
  • In automotive wiring, it provides protection against abrasion and environmental factors like oil and coolant spills.
  • Used in manufacturing facilities to organise and protect cables running along machinery or equipment.
  • Helps in managing and safeguarding fiber optic and other sensitive communication lines from physical damage and environmental impacts.


  • Horatio Windsor
    26 Mar 2024

    Durable braided wire offering superior protection and flexibility for wiring in challenging environments.

  • Douglas Eckford
    15 Apr 2024

    Braided Wire is excellent for applications requiring durable and flexible wiring solutions. It resists abrasion and environmental damage, ensuring long-lasting performance. Delivery was prompt, and the wire arrived in perfect condition, ready for use.

  • Gemma Longdon
    31 May 2024

    I bought the MULTICOMP Expandable Sleeving from EnrgTech, and it’s excellent. The quality is top-notch, and it was easy to use. Smooth delivery and fantastic customer care. The professional sales team was very helpful throughout. For great deals, visit EnrgTech's website. Highly satisfied with my purchase!

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