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Backplane & Rack Connectors

Backplane and rack connectors are electrical connectors designed to connect or join electrical devices and equipment racks together. The family consists of robust devices providing high-speed signal data and power. Backplane connectors have a parallel configuration to each other to connect each pin to each connector and create a complete system.

We provide a wide range of backplane and rack connectors such as PCB DIN Connectors, Accessories, DIN 41612, 41618, and 41622 connectors. 

What are backplane connectors?

As mentioned above, these connectors are a set of electrical connectors with a parallel configuration that operate as a backbone to connect many different printed circuit boards. They are differentiated from a motherboard by the absence of onboard processing and storage elements and use plug-in cards for processing and storage.

What does Backplane Connectors-Specialized mean?

Specialized Backplane Connectors follow a set of specifications for use with coplanar, daughterboards, midplane, or front boards. They are designated to be used in a backplane or rack and panel system and are distinguished by the connector type, pitch, number of positions, number of rows, and contact layout.

How many types of backplane and rack connectors are there?

A wide range of backplanes, rack connectors, and accessories are classified on the basis of their applications. Some of them are:

  • Backplane connectors

Due to their versatility and modularity, they are ideal for designing computer systems to connect different PCBs. They are efficient in exchanging their cards, making them well suited for the telecom industry.

  • Rack connectors

As the name suggests, they are used to connect the equipment rack and the device and are found in either a square or rectangular configuration.

  • DIN connectors

These are small round and rectangular connectors with pins arranged in horizontal rows. They are ideal for S-video connections, mouse & keyboards, and other applications. 

  • PCB DIN Connector Accessories

A wide range of accessories is available, including guides, covers, locking devices, pins, inserts, and much more, to enable connectors’ assembly for their proper functionality. 

What are the uses of backplane and rack connectors?

Typically, Backplane & Rack Connectors are designed for their specific use. They replicate a personal computer’s motherboard, where backplanes are used in preference to cables because of their excellent reliability. They are also employed in:

  • Motherboards
  • Telecom industries
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defense industries.
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