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Cat6a Cable

Enrgtech provides a wide variety of high-quality Cat6a cables. We offer same-day shipping options and ensure timely delivery of products to your desired locations. Enrgtech takes responsibility for the quality and reliability of products and always makes sure to bring your products from some of the leading brands in the marketplace.

Designing a network from scratch can be a huge task, and many things go into consideration while doing that. Once the layout and the basic design are present, there are still many decisions to make. Many of these decisions involve which type of hardware you choose, which is mostly related to the cabling of the applications. 

Cat6A Basics

In Cat6A cables, the letter A stands for augmented. Cat6a cables are compatible with the previous model of cat6, but they differ in performance in three main areas. First and foremost, cat6a cables can perform at 500 MHz. Cat6a cables have extra bandwidth, which increases the distance it can cover to double the amount at which the cable can maintain at 10 Gbps up to 100 Gbps. 

The second improvement in Cat6a cables compared to cat6 is the increase in cable twists. In the Cat6A cable, two more twists are added, which makes the cables more robust and resistant to any crosstalk interference. 

The final main design difference is the additional shielding of Cat6a cables built into its structure. This additional shielding makes the cables heavier and thicker, reducing or eliminating any alien crosstalk.

Cat6a cables have increased bulk, which is enough for cabinets, switches, and other tightly packed network stations that might not be able to utilize it. Due to the thickness of Cat6a cables, their packaging is also slightly different from the traditional Ethernet. These points are important to be considered when you want to compare the performance and applications of these cables

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120341-0300, Molex

120341-0300, Molex

Molex Micro-Change M12 CAT6A Cordset From Molex this Micro-Change M12 Cat6a industrial Ethernet cordset has shielded blue PUR cable. With threaded male connectors and a high degree of environmental protection, this cable assembly is ideal for providing a secure connection in industrial environments. The cable assembly is designed to meet Cat6a specifications with data transmission rates up to 10 Gbit/s. Features and Benefits • X-coded Connectors • IP67 rated • 26 AWG cable • Cable diameter 6.4 mm • Threaded coupling • Maximum current capacity of 0.5A per contact • Temperature range -40°C to +70°C • Maximum Voltage: 48 V Applications This cable assembly is x-coded and is ideal for high-speed Ethernet data transmission in industrial environments. Approvals RoHS BRAD - M12
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