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Calibrators are devices used to monitor, measure, and adjust the performance of equipment and systems. They are used to ensure that devices are operating within a specified range of performance and accuracy. Calibrators are used in many industries, including electronics, manufacturing, automotive, medical, and aerospace. Calibrators are often used to measure a wide range of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, voltage, current and frequency. They are used to adjust and fine-tune the performance of a system or device in order to ensure that it is functioning within its specified range. Calibrators come in many different forms, including handheld, desktop, and rack-mountable models.

Handheld models are typically used for quick and easy calibration of small systems and devices. Desktop models are more robust and precise and are often used for calibrating larger systems and devices. Whereas rack-mountable models are more accurate and precise than their handheld counterparts and are often used for calibrating complex and precise systems such as medical and aerospace systems. They are designed to maintain and monitor the performance of systems and devices over time, and to ensure that systems and devices are operating within their specified range of accuracy. 

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