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Founded in 1967, Copal Electronics is a Japanese subsidiary company of Nidec Corporation and a market leader in manufacturing and marketing electronic components. The company is now known as Nidec Copal Electronics, with an unrivalled reputation for supplying sensing technologies and other products, including silicon pressure sensors, laser scanners, fans (DC turbo), switches (rocker switches, rotary switches, tactile switches, and toggle switches), potentiometers (trimmer & digital potentiometers), optical encoders, attenuators, RF components, and stepping motors. The company’s bespoke, innovative products are extensively used in the medical, telecommunications, and industrial sectors.

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New items
CFT2-1DC6-AW, Copal Electronics

CFT2-1DC6-AW, Copal Electronics

Hyper-miniature Ultra Miniature toggle switch for high density mounting. Washable. Terminal pin pitch: 2.54 mm. Independent detent mechanism ensures light operational feel. Clip contact mechanism for long-term contact reliability. Gold-plated contacts.
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CF-TA-1DB4-L12, Copal Electronics

CF-TA-1DB4-L12, Copal Electronics

Through-hole reflow toggle SW Industry`s first toggle switch compatible with through- hole reflow soldering Compatible with pick and place machines. Heat resistant resin for reflow and dip soldering. Gold-plated Contacts.