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Tapes, Adhesives, Materials

What is Electroplating Tape?

Electroplating Tapes, also called adhesive tapes, are widely used tools in routine life; you might need them to house packages or cover some other hazardous objects that are installed in households and industrial applications; most importantly, they are used to cover the live wire. As always, most people keep these adhesive wires at home for various routine activities. Since they are found in various colors, sizes, and even varieties, their purpose is to fulfill all your application concerns. They are characterized by their unique traits and for the application needs that include materials that are composed of many more different use cases in real life.

Enrgtech provides tapes for a variety of activities, from general household use to trade applications. Our selection includes temporary hook and loop tapes, electrical insulation tapes, Gaffa, flashing, plastic, paper, and everything in between. The best global brands are among our suppliers, including 3M, Advance Tapes, RS PRO, and Tesa.

What kinds of tapes are available in the industry?

In the industry, a varied assortment of available electroplating tape is classified as per their distinguished features, which include:

  • Single adhesive or double-sided tape - The majority of the tapes are found on one adhesive side, whereas some can be found on both sides. It also comes in a wide variety to meet the application's needs.
  • Gaffer - They are a type of duct tape that is sometimes known as gaffa tapes; however, they differ from duct tape in that they are not reflective and are much simpler to remove. To identify set pieces or equipment it is used in theatres for filming.
  • Duct - Duck tape, often known as it, typically has a polyethylene coating. Although contrary to what its name might imply, it can be used to secure a variety of objects, and it is not the greatest choice for ducts because it is not entirely watertight.
  • Hook and Loop - They are typically used for strongholds by integrating two types of tapes. Often, they are used with clothes and furniture for the betterment of grip over the objects, including zipping and buttons.
  • Reflective - One of the most noticeable qualities of reflective tapes is their resilience to heat and flames, which makes them appropriate to be affixed to fireproof clothing items such as fire coats in addition to being visible in poor lighting circumstances and thus employed for road safety.
  • Self-Amalgamating Tapes - They do not come with fastening; however, they hold or fuse themselves while stretching; that is how they are characterized to be the best and most efficient with insulated electrical applications.

What are tapes composed of?

Tapes are comprised of several materials, which are allocated suitable tapes for the applications they are actually used for, such as:

  • Aluminum or Foil: Aluminum tape is frequently used in the electrical, construction, and HVAC industries, where the demand for conductivity and resistance is higher due to its strong adhesive power and unique features of this metal.
  • Cloth: These tapes can be found with cotton supporting and can be covered using an adhesive material. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and each of them is allocated for their specific use.
  • Copper: These types of tape are made available in two popular versions, such as conductive and non-conductive, primarily used in the electronic industry.

What are the applications of tapes?

Typical applications are given below:

  • Electrical protection
  • Hazard communicating
  • Lane indicating 
  • Masking (decorating)
  • Container
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