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Fire Alarm Systems & Testers

Fire alarm systems are very important for the safety of your homes and workplaces. The various technologies used in these systems give an early warning and let people know of a potential danger. Enrgtech provides fire alarm system installation services to detect fire for the safety of homes and buildings. Buy the best fire alarm system online in the UK. 

The fire alarm is a device that senses any fire or smoke breakout and makes a loud noise to give an early warning for people to get to safety. We offer a range of fire alarms, fire alarm kits, fire alarm accessories, smoke alarms, fire alarm call points, fire alarm control panels, and smoke detector tests. You can look for these many products on our website.

Different Security Products We Offer

  • Fire Alarm Kits are an excellent starting point for those that had previously never installed a security system. Protecting your place from fire is very important; hence, fire alarm kits provide all the essential components to alert people of a fire.
  • Smoke alarms are a sensor of smoke that makes a loud noise upon detection of smoke as a sign of a possible fire.
  • Fire alarm call points are manual call points that allow the employees to start an alarm manually when they detect fire.
  • Smoke detector tester is a device used to test smoke detectors. 

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm system testing is very important and must meet some standard requirements. This testing is carried out to check on all components that make a fire alarm system that may include: 

Notification devices: mass notification systems, horn strobes, chime strobes, speaker strobes, etc.

Initiating devices: duct detectors, beam detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc.

Sensitivity: this involves checking that the device's sensitivity is within the manufacturer’s standards. 

Fire alarm panel: the panel also undergoes frequent inspection and testing.

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