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Connectors, Interconnects

Connectors, interconnects are exclusive components for making a secure and reliable connection across communication systems. Connectors are used to link devices directly since any obstacles or leakage mitigate the signals between communicating devices. However, these connectors are manufactured using emerging technology so that they resist any obstacles and withstand data or single transmission. You are assisting in choosing the best fit for your applications. 

Enrgtech is a connector supplier all over the world, distributing a wide range of outperforming connectors to solve your problems, such as panel, board-to-board, surface-mount, and wire-to-board connectors. 

What are Connectors, Interconnects?

A connector is a piece of electrical equipment that enables the connection of two or more communicating devices together. A connector is a channel where data and signal transmission can be carried out easily between two or more computer systems. Most connectors are made up of a plug and a socket. In the past, connectors have been identified by their gender: male and female.

The contacts are in the plug, also referred to as the male portion of the connector housing. Electrical conductors are linked to solid, projecting metal objects called contacts or pins. Hollow metal contacts are found in the socket, sometimes referred to as the female portion of the connector housing. The male contacts are intended to be retained or held in place by the female contacts. The connector mates when its male and female components come together.

Typical Mounting Types

  • Cable to panel
  • Board to board
  • Cable to cable (in-line)
  • Cable to board

Typical Termination Types

  • Screw termination
  • Solder termination
  • Crimp termination

Enrgtech’s supply is a wide range of improved-quality innovative equipment. These components are household connectors, industrial connectors, modular connectors, power connectors, data connectors, and electrical and electronic connectors. They are further classified into many other categories, which include:

  • Network or Internet and Telecommunication Connectors.
  • Mains and IEC Connectors
  • Terminal Blocks and DIN Rail Terminal Connectors 
  • Printed Circuit Board Connectors (PCB)
  • Circular Connectors
  • USB, D-Sub, and Computing Connectors
  • Audio and Video Connectors
  • Power Supply Connectors
  • RF and Coaxial Connectors
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