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Power Entry Connectors

What are Power Entry Connectors?

Power entry modules are used as an interface between a device and its power supply. The two commonly used Power Connectors are residential and industrial. There are two types of power connectors: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). A gadget can be connected directly to a power source using AC connections. For safety concerns, DC connectors normally come in conventional sizes and cannot be switched out. This is done to avoid the equipment being inadvertently plugged into the wrong outlet.

What are the types of power entry modules?

  • Compact Power Connectors - Tiny sizes and are adjustable with several applications to keep secure the civilian incline into a face with the live metal connector. They are made available in a varied assortment to be compatible with several applications.
  • DC Power Plugs - available in a variety of styles, but usually a cylindrical metal shape that can plug into a particular kind of pin, commonly used with a transformer plug. They can also be called barrel connections, concentric barrel connectors, tip connectors, or Coaxial Power Connectors.
  • Modular Battery Contacts - Give the option of attaching one or more batteries to electrically powered equipment without connecting each one separately.
  • Industrial Power Connectors - Constructed to control potential circuits, commonly manufactured to avoid accidental misuse in connections.
  • DC Power Connectors - plugs for DC power outlets. Since they have a single prong in the middle of the cylindrical socket, they are typically simple to recognize. Power plugs are available in as many distinct types as connectors.
  • Hazardous area Power Connectors - used when dangerous contaminants are in contact with electrical appliances. These connectors typically offer extra security measures to stop or thwart the entry of water or other materials.
  • Automotive Connectors - They are manufactured to come up with multiple hook-ups for devices that carry low currents embedded in automotive applications. They are strong enough to cope with temperature and environmental conditions.
  • Heavy duty Power Connectors - often built to carry voltages greater than that of household electricity. These connectors are frequently made to be impossible to remove from or rip out of their sockets using threaded fittings.
  • Industrial Interlocks - Safety Equipment that is manufactured to preserve a machine, an electronic circuit, or several distinct pieces of commercial devices that switch on and off automatically.
  • Industrial Power Connector Adapters - Allow for the modification of high-power outlets in industrial environments to distribute power over many machines or for other uses
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