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Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers, a relic of early computing, stand as a testament to the evolution of printing technology. These printers, popular in the late 20th century, operate by striking a print head against an ink-soaked ribbon to transfer characters and images onto paper. This mechanism, reminiscent of typewriters, creates prints through a matrix of dots, hence the name. Dot matrix printers, with their distinctive approach and enduring utility, continue to serve specific needs in a world dominated by advanced printing technologies.

Prominent Types of Dot Matrix Printers

  • Monochrome Printers: Primarily utilised for text printing, these printers are adept at handling standard office documents.
  • Colour Dot Matrix Printers: Less common; these can print in colour using multi-coloured ribbons, suitable for essential graphical work.
  • Multi-part Form Printers: Designed for printing carbon copies, these printers can handle multiple layers of forms simultaneously.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Renowned for their robustness, dot matrix printers can operate in harsh environments.
  • The cost per page is relatively low compared to other printing technologies.
  • They can use continuous paper with perforations, which is ideal for data logs and multi-part forms.
  • Able to print multiple copies at once through carbon copies, they are invaluable for businesses needing duplicate records.

The Anatomy of Dot Matrix Printers

The core component of these printers is the print head, typically consisting of a vertical array of pins. These pins are activated individually to form characters and graphics in a dot matrix pattern. The print head moves horizontally across the paper, printing one line at a time. The distinctive sound of these printers, often described as mechanical chatter, is due to the rapid movement and striking of the pins.

Potential Applications in the Modern World

Despite being overshadowed by more advanced printing technologies, dot matrix printers still find their niche in various sectors, including:

  • Industrial Environments: Their durability makes them suitable for manufacturing and warehouse settings.
  • Point of Sale Systems: Receipts and orders in restaurants and retail often utilise dot matrix printers for their reliability and multi-copy printing.
  • Back Office Operations: For printing multi-part forms like invoices and shipping documents, these printers are still in use.
  • Arts and Music: Surprisingly, they have found a place in experimental art and music, with artists and musicians repurposing their unique sound and printing style.

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EPSLQ350, Epson

EPSLQ350, Epson

Epson LQ-350 The compact Epson LQ-350 is the ideal printer for front and back office applications where space may be limited as well as for measurement and control systems. The copy capability of one original plus three copies makes this 24-pin printer suitable for point of sale applications where reliable, light duty printing is required. Easy to integrate, the LQ-350 has Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces as standard, and will fit neatly onto desks thanks to its compact design and cable management system Compact 24-pin narrow carriage printer Up to 416 characters per second (12cpi) Robust printer with an MTBF of 10,000 hours Prints up to 4-part forms (1 original + 3 copies) Versatile top and rear paper paths 8 built-in bar code fonts USB, parallel and serial interfaces Reliable printhead life of 400 million strokes/wire Long lasting ribbon yield of 2.5 million characters Supplied with Epson LQ-350 Printer, Driver and utilities (CD), Ribbon, Setup guide, Software (CD), User manual (CD), Warranty document
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