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Cable Glands, Strain Relief & Grommets

We offer a wide range of cable glands, strain relief, and grommet products that can help you secure and attach cables. Enrgtech provides a wide variety of high-quality products at fabulous prices with free shipping in the UK over 200 pounds. These products include Cable gland lock nuts, Cable gland fastening and removal tools, cable grommet kits, cable glands, cable gland adapters, cable gland plugs, desk grommet, rubber grommet, cable covers and cable protectors, cable gland O-Rings. At Enrgtech, you can choose from some of the best brand options in the market. Some of the popular products ranges that are used to protect and seal cables are:

Cable Glands

Cable glands are also known as strain relief. These are devices used to connect and secure the end of an electrical cable with the equipment ensuring proper sealing and offering strain relief protecting the cables from any external impacts that can damage them, such as moisture and dust. Some of the cable glands we offer have some extra features like approval by ATEX to be used in explosive environments and are available in various sizes made from different materials. You can use them with various cables like control cables, data cables, and power cables. 

Cable Grommets

A cable grommet is in the form of a ring, or simply a tube through which a cable can pass that will protect or seal them. The grommet is commonly inserted through holes in the material through which the cables are supposed to pass. This protects them from any mechanical or chemical attack. They are widely used in offices for the protection of cables. The standard material used in manufacturing cable grommets is plastic. 

Cable Protectors

As the name indicates, these devices protect cables by holding them within. This is common in areas where the risk of tripping is high.

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