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Epoxy Guns

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PLA050-10, 3M
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PLA050-10, 3M

PLA050-10, 3M

Adhesive for hard-to-bond plastics, even PE and PP Scotch-Weld DP 8005 adhesive is a two-component acrylic adhesive for bonding plastics recognised as being difficult to bond together, such as PP, PE, PMMA, PVC, thermoplastic elastomers, etc. without surface pre-treatment. Odourless. Assembly of different substrates and assembly of polyolefins. Good resistance to water, humidity and chemicals. Polymerisation at ambient temperature. Easy to apply using an EPX application gun. A plunger ( 349-3130 ) and special nozzles ( 349-3146 ) are required, available separately. The nozzles are supplied in packs of 12 and the plungers in packs of 5. Accelerator Base (Part A) (Part B) Colour white white translucent Density (kg / l) 1.05-1.09 0.95-1.09 Viscosity mPas 35000-55000 17000-30000 Resin methyl amine methacrylate Mix ratio 1 10 Work life: 2.5 → 3 min. Handling time: 2 → 3 hours Total polymerisation time: 8 → 24 hours Physical properties following polymerisation: Colour: yellow Shore D hardness: 55 Elongation at break: 5.3 % Packaging: 38 ml cartridge
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