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51abd-b28-b15-b15l Bourns, Inc. 51ABD-B28-B15/B15L, POTENTIOMETER, 10K OHM 1/2W PLASTIC LINEA
Bourns, Inc.

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The Bourns 51ABD-B28-B15/B15L is a precision control device designed for varying electrical resistance in a circuit. As a part of Bourns' renowned potentiometer product line, this model stands out for its reliability and efficiency. With a resistance value of 10K Ohms and a power rating of 1/2 watts, it is particularly suitable for applications requiring moderate power handling and precise resistance control. This potentiometer, with its balance of precision, durability, and versatility, is a reliable choice for professionals and hobbyists alike in various electronic applications.

Distinctive Features and Benefits of the Potentiometer

  • Offers precise control over resistance values, making it suitable for applications requiring fine adjustments.
  • Built using high-grade materials that ensure durability and consistent performance.
  • Provides a direct and predictable correlation between the knob position and resistance, enhancing user control.
  • With a 10K Ohm resistance range, it is versatile enough to be used in various electronic circuits.
  • Designed for straightforward implementation into existing systems.

Robust Construction and Build Quality

This potentiometer features a robust plastic construction, ensuring durability and a lightweight profile. The design integrates a linear taper, which offers a direct relationship between the rotational position of the potentiometer and the resistance output. This makes the device straightforward and predictable in operation. The model's dimensions and physical configuration are designed to facilitate easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

The Bourns, Inc. 51ABD-B28-B15/B15L, POTENTIOMETER, 10K OHM 1/2W PLASTIC LINEA: Wide Application Range

The Bourns 51ABD-B28-B15/B15L potentiometer is widely used in various fields due to its versatility and reliability. Common applications include:

  • Used in volume and tone controls in amplifiers, mixers, and musical instruments.
  • Implements precise adjustments in machinery and equipment controls.
  • Applied in home electronics for adjusting settings like brightness or contrast.
  • Utilised in vehicle electronics for controlling various functions.
  • Employed in medical equipment for fine-tuning and calibration purposes.


  • Steven Choiseau
    28 Mar 2024

    I'm delighted with the innovation and design. It's a high-performance product that has significantly enhanced my daily routine.

  • Dee Patel
    17 Apr 2024

    The potentiometer accessories have enhanced our control systems, providing smooth operation and reliability. They were delivered quickly and in secure packaging. The customer support was detailed in their explanations, helping us maximize their use.

  • Sarah Corfield
    31 May 2024

    Purchased the Bourns 51ABD-B28-B15/B15L potentiometer from EnrgTech, and it exceeded my expectations. The 10K OHM 1/2W plastic linear potentiometer is precise and reliable. The delivery was swift and hassle-free, and the customer care team was very helpful. The professional sales team made the whole process seamless. EnrgTech’s website is my go-to for electronic components.

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