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STD32, Telic

STD32, Telic

Quad Band Module with Internet The STD32 is a telemetry device for alarming via SMS or E-mail and for switching output relays via call, SMS or the Internet. It offers two optocoupler inputs to monitor status information. In the event of an alarm, the STD32 will automatically send an SMS or E-mail to up to 5 recipients. The two relay outputs can either be activated with a free of charge call and/or via SMS or the Internet. The configuration of the STD32 telemetry module is done with a single phone call. All further configuration settings can be made by sending SMS messages to the device or by using the web-browser functionality. Additionally the STD32 now also offers a camera interface (accessory part). With the help of the Telic Camera (accessory) you can get digital pictures via E-mail in alarm situations or on request. Alternatively you can always retrieve a picture via the web interface. Stand alone telemetry device Quad-band technology Control outputs with relays (6A at 230Vac max each) Two digital inputs with alarm functionality Bidirectional communication possible to control outputs and retrieve status information (via SMS or webbrowser) Optocoupler inputs (+12V = "high", 10mA max) with alarm messages to be sent via SMS or e-mail Power supply voltage 5-32V Status LEDs for inputs and outputs as well as for GSM network Ready to use due to standard configuration (only one phone call with a mobile needed) Expert configuration allows setting of individual parameters (via SMS or webbrowser) Note To be able to use the E-mail functionality your SIM card needs to have a GPRS subscription; to use the web-browser functionality the SIM Card needs to have a fixed IP address. GSM/GPRS (Mobile Communications) - Modules
New items
STD35, Telic

STD35, Telic

Enhanced Quad Band Module with Internet The STD35 is a telemetry device for alarming via SMS or E-mail and for switching output relays via call, SMS or the Internet. This unit is an improvement over the STD32 in that it has more I/O, a motion sensor and is enclosed in an IP65 rated case. Compact telemetry device in water-protected housing Quad-band technology based on Telit GPRS module Optional UMTS-module (for specific projects) Dimensions without grommet: 150x65x45mm Supply voltage: 7-32V Integrated 660mAh backup battery Motion sensor for theft protection Up to 5 message recipients via e-mail or SMS in alarm situation RS-232 interface for optional camera Configuration and switching optional by Internet or mobile phone Flexible cable connection concept as per customer specification with internal screw terminals One output can be controlled via toll-free phone call Status LED Transparent GPRS Terminal mode via RS-232 interface Quad-band GSM rectangular antenna included in delivery scope CE approval GSM/GPRS (Mobile Communications) - Modules