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KSD380D5-W 037, Kudom

KSD380D5-W 037, Kudom

KSD 037 Series Single Phase SSR Kudom KSD (037) series single phase AC output PCB mount solid state relay. KSD relays have various control voltage options available with a load current at 3A or 5A. Featuring high EMC and high inrush current capability, suitable for inductrial applications such as lighting and motor control, medical devices, elevators and automatic doors. PCB Mounted Opto-isolation High EMC capability High inrush current Dielectric strength 4000 Vrms RoHS compliant Kudom PCB Mounting SSR
New items
KSV240D40-LM, Kudom

KSV240D40-LM, Kudom

Kudom KSV Series Single Phase SSR Kudom KSV Series industrial solid state relays with an integrated heatsink, designed for mounting on 35 mm DIN Rail or screwed onto a panel. The KSV SSR's offer four control voltage variations, in both AC or DC. Features and Benefits Zero crossing switching Ratings from 10A to 40A SCR Output DC or AC Input Integrated Heatsink Width 30 mm (10A to 30A) or 50 mm (40A) Dielectric Strength 4000 V ac RMS LED Indication Built-in RC Snubber Circuit Panel mount or 35mm Rail (DIN EN50022) Zero Voltage Relays Note Temperature can affect current rating; please consult the data sheet for potential derating.