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Hongfa Europe GmbH, founded in 2003, is a leading European manufacturing, sales, and service company specialising in marketing and logistics services for its parent organisation, Hongfa. The company distributes precision and innovative relays, low-voltage devices, and contactors to European markets covering more than 20 regions and countries. Hongfa Europe GmbH manufactures and supplies distribution equipment and a wide variety of relays, including power relays, signal relays, electromechanical interface relays, force-guided relays, relay sockets, and accessories worldwide. With almost 20 years of market experience, the company is a market specialist in the global relay industry. The company also provides technical support, customer support, inventory taking, and market development for global users.

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New items
41F-1Z-C1-5, Hongfa Europe GMBH

41F-1Z-C1-5, Hongfa Europe GMBH

HF41F Series Relay Sockets HongFa professional range of slim 6 mm relay sockets for the HF41F series. The 41F sockets feature a secure retention clip that holds the relay in place, while also allowing easy ejection. Dielectric strength up to 4000 V ac Built in protection circuit Power status indicator
New items
HF18FHA1204Z1D, Hongfa Europe GMBH

HF18FHA1204Z1D, Hongfa Europe GMBH

HF18FH Miniature Intermediate Power Relays HongFa HF18FH series miniature high power relays. The HF18FH range is available in 2 or 4 pole configurations. 7 A switching capability 1.5kV dielectric strength RoHS compliant
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HF10FH024D3ZDT, Hongfa Europe GMBH

HF10FH024D3ZDT, Hongfa Europe GMBH

HF10FH Miniature High Power Relays HongFa HF10FH series miniature high power relays. The HF10FH range is available with industry standard 8 or 11 round terminals. 10 A switching capability Long endurance Industry standard terminals RoHS compliant