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ZK2A07K5TL-08, SMC
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ZM Series Vacuum Generators The ZM series is an all-in-one vacuum generator, complete with internal suction filter, exhaust silencer, supply and break valve, and vacuum switch. Its compact size makes it suitable for many different applications. ZM series generators also boast a strong vacuum break pressure for quick cycle times.
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ZK2A07K5TL-08, SMC

ZK2A07K5TL-08, SMC

ZK2 Series Vacuum Ejector with Valve The ZK2 series vacuum unit from SMC has been developed for a market with an increasing demand for high performance and energy efficient vacuum technology. The one piece design combines a pressure switch, control valves and vacuum ejector into one unit saving on weight and size and a two stage vacuum ejector to increase suction and reduce air consumption. The ZK2 also features a 2-port dual release and supply valve to prevent work pieces from being dropped. Features and Benefits •Easy to install •Simple to maintain •Reduced running costs •Highly flexible configuration •Excellent efficiency •Integrated pressure switch •Integrated supply and release valve •Normally closed supply and release valves Pressure Sensor / Switch Options The ZK2 is fitted a choice of 4 pressure sensor / pressure switch options, • -101 to 0 kPa Pressure sensor with a single 1 to 5 V output. •-100 to 100 kPa Pressure sensor with a single 1 to 5 V output. •-101 to 0 kPa Digital pressure switch with 2 NPN outputs and selectable units. •-100 to 100 kPa Digital pressure switch with a built-in energy saving function, 1 PNP output and selectable units. Applications
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