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Nuts & Washers

What are Nuts and Washers?

Enrgtech provides a wide range of nuts & washers for all sorts of applications. Our range of inventory included hex, square, and wingnuts, plain, anti-vibration washers, and sealing. The majority of them come from highly qualified brands with reasonable prices on the market.

Types of Nuts and Washers

Nuts and washers are made available in various substances such as metric and grand sizes, head types, and thread types that are compatible with the fixing and fastening applications that are being embedded. The majority of the famous types are:

  • Hex Nut - The widely used nut is found in a hexagon-shaped head with an inside thread.
  • Wing Nuts - Wing-like threaded nuts that may be turned and installed by hand and have wings that project upward from each side of the body. It is ideal for locations where the nuts must be taken off frequently.
  • Plain Washers - designed to be flat and smooth and are used to distribute weight loads. They are also called flat washers.
  • Lock Nuts - Feature cross threads to prevent the nut from slipping off the fastener and becoming loose.
  • Anti-Vibration Washers - Often made of rubber with a backing of metal used to seal out water and air.
  • Sealing Washers - Often made of rubber with a backing of metal. Used to seal out water and air.

What are Nuts and Washers Used for?

Nuts are typically designed for fasteners and fixings purposes, including bolts and screws, to connect and make sure components are positioned in place. They are usually found with hexagonal structures embedded in an underline thread and constructed from metallic substances such as stainless steel. These devices are protected with the help of a hand and a spanner. A washer is typically made available with reinforced fixings like a screw to ensure it is strong enough, hindering any looseness in the system or letting any pressure out. Additionally, they have the ability to stop any indentation in the substance they are placed on. They come in a variety of forms depending on the application or fastener they are used with and can be constructed of metal or non-metallic materials.

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