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Ramps are essential tools used to bridge height differences, making transitions smooth and accessible in various settings. These structures are designed to facilitate the movement of individuals, vehicles, and equipment over obstacles. Ramps come in multiple forms, including portable ramps, modular ramps, threshold ramps, and vehicle ramps. Each type caters to specific needs, providing unique features and advantages. Portable ramps are light and easy to carry, ideal for temporary or travel use. Modular ramps offer customisable configurations, perfect for adapting to different environments. Threshold ramps are compact and designed to overcome small barriers like doorways and steps, while vehicle ramps are robust and durable, supporting heavy loads for loading and unloading purposes.

Prominent Types of Ramps

  • Portable Ramps
  • Modular Ramps
  • Threshold Ramps
  • Vehicle Ramps

Technical Insights of the Ramps Include

  • Enhances accessibility
  • Improves mobility
  • Provides safety and stability
  • Offers customisable solutions

What Benefits Do You Get?

  • Facilitates independent movement for individuals with disabilities
  • Simplifies the transport of goods and equipment
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Adapts to various environments and requirements

Application Potential of Ramps

Ramps are indispensable in promoting inclusivity and efficiency, ensuring seamless transitions across different spaces and applications, including:

  • Residential Settings for Wheelchair Access
  • Commercial Buildings for Customer and Employee Convenience
  • Industrial Sites for Loading and Unloading Goods
  • Recreational Areas for Easy Equipment Transport

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DL.275, Facom
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£ 239.19
RR1400, Viso
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New Items
New items
DL.275, Facom

DL.275, Facom

The Facom HGV bus wheel lift has 2 adjustable rollers for a capacity from 6.5 to 22.5 inches. Load capacity 250 Kg 2 rollers length 280 mm
New items
RR1400, Viso

RR1400, Viso

The RS Pro RR1400 is a heavy duty ramp. Steel bottom strength Link between ramps Made of polypropylene and steel
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