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Mains & DC Power Connectors

Mains and DC power connectors are a set of essential connectors with varied sizes ideal for a wide range of power supply applications. The products in this family are ideal for a wide range of small to medium appliances and are available in varied dimensions, types, and colours. We carry premium collections of these connectors along with their accessories. 

What are DC power connectors?

DC power connectors are direct current supplying devices from mains connections to various electrical appliances. They are ideal for providing power ranging from small to medium-sized machines with great applications. 

What are mains connectors?

Mains connectors are robust electronic devices that allow electrical appliances to be connected to the primary AC power supply. These devices are found to be mounted to the wall or running through buildings or sockets. 

What are IEC connectors?

Mains & DC power connectors also consist of various ranges of IEC connectors. IEC has defined the rules for general and household appliances where the voltage should not exceed 250 V or 16 A. IEC connectors come in different shapes, colours, and sizes, and C13 with a 3-Pin main power cord is the well-known kettle lead.

What does IEC mean?

IEC stands for International Electromechanical Commission, an international organization that publishes and defines international standards for all electrical and electronic technologies, collectively known as electrotechnology.

How many types of mains and IEC connectors are there?

The Mains & DC power connectors family comprises IEC connectors, adaptors, filters, main connectors, sockets, plugs, and test blocks. Additionally, there are also RCD plugs, travel adapters, extension leads, trailing sockets, and top collections of power distribution accessories.

  • Mains accessories- include cable and power modules, wall plates, sealing boots and caps, and housings.
  • Main in-line connector- Typically include 2- and 3-pin plug and socket connectors; designed to use for extending cables.
  • Mains plugs and sockets- Generally household sockets and 2- and 3-pin plug heads are generally household sockets.
  • Main test block- a short-term power receptacle where you can plug in equipment for testing purposes.
  • Power distribution accessories-includes rack and row unit accessories for power management in equipment.
  • Extension leads- Consist of various collections of cables designed to expand different AC power supply cables.
  • IEC accessories- Include retaining clips, insulation boots, locking clamps, light pipes,
  • IEC adapters- Contain twin bloc adapters, screw terminal adapters, and three-way adapters.
  • IEC connectors- Includes a range of IEC types, from C1 for electric shavers through to C20 for UPS units.
  • IEC filters- include filters designed to provide equipment protection during preventative measures in equipment where interference may stop proper usage.
  • RCD plugsAn unused circuit device to prevent fatal electric shocks.
  • Trailing socketsA gang extension leads to power distribution across multiple plugs.
  • Travel adapters- A plug-in adapter for 2- and 3-pin configurations ideal for various carrying to various locations worldwide, like Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas, and Asia.

What are mains & DC power connectors used for?

Mains & DC power connectors are an extensive category of robust, durable, and versatile products and accessories. These connectors and accessories depend on the device type for a specific application. Typically, they can be ideal for use with specific portable computers, sound systems, electronic instruments, and much more.

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