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Wire Rope Clamps

Wire rope clamps, also known as cable clamps or wire rope clips, are essential components used for securing the ends of wire ropes. They are commonly used in various industries, including construction, marine, and transportation, among others. In this article, we will discuss the basics of wire rope clamps, their types, and their applications.

Basics of Wire Rope Clamps:

Wire rope clamps are simple devices made of two metal plates, a U-bolt, and a set of nuts. They are designed to clamp the ends of wire ropes together, creating a secure connection. Wire rope clamps are usually made of durable materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum, which provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

Types of Wire Rope Clamps:

Wire rope clamps come in two main types: single saddle and double saddle. Single saddle clamps are used to create a loop at the end of the wire rope, while double saddle clamps are used to join two wire rope ends together. Other types of wire rope clamps include drop forged clamps, fist grip clamps, and simplex clamps.

Applications of Wire Rope Clamps:

Wire rope clamps are used in various applications, including securing loads on trucks, cranes, and other heavy machinery. They are also used in suspension bridges, ship rigging, and oil rigging. Wire rope clamps are essential in the installation and maintenance of overhead power lines, fences, and barriers. They can also be used in DIY projects, such as creating dog leashes, hammocks, and outdoor swings.

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3SE7942-1AA, Siemens

3SE7942-1AA, Siemens

3SE7 Emergency Grab Wire Switch The 3SE7 series of grab wire switches (trip wire switches, cable operated switches) are used for monitoring or for EMERGENCY STOP devices on particularly dangerous system sections. As the effective range of a grab wire switch is only limited by the length of the grab wire, large systems can also be protected. Switches (requiring pulling at both ends) and conveyor belt unbalance trackers are used primarily for monitoring very long belt systems. Design The switches for wire lengths up to 50m are available with 1 NO + 1 NC or 2 NC contacts and for up to 75m with 1 NO + 3 NC contacts. The switches for wire lengths of 2 ´ 75m and the conveyor belt unbalance trackers are supplied with 2 NO + 2 NC contacts. The grab wire switch and the conveyor belt unbalance tracker are also available with a factory fitted LED (red, 24 V DC). This light has innovative on board chip technology that allows the operating state of the switch to be visible at a distance of at least 50m. Function The NC contacts of the grab wire switch and the conveyor belt unbalance tracker are positive opening. The grab wire switches with one side operation are held in free position by the pre-tension on the turnbuckle. In the 3SE7 140 and 3SE7 150 grab wire switches, both switching contacts are available for wire-break/wire-pull signalling. The NO contact can be used, for example, for signalling purposes. On switches with interlocking, with a pre-tensioned wire, the locking must be deactivated beforehand in order to return the grab wire switch to its original position. Positive latching and positive NC contacts Switches for wire lengths up to 75m Metal housing Enclosure is screw mounted IP65 rating Operating temperature: -25 to +70°C Note Stock nos. 764-4341 , 764-4301 , 764-4304 , 76...
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