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Omron Filter, 5 A, 250 V ac for use with R88D-1SN04H-ECT 1S Servo Drive
1S Servo RFI Filters Professional range of 1S series RFI filters from Omron. These Filters are applicable for all 1S series servo drives. Omron Servo Motors & Drives
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10 Way Surface Mount DIP Switch, Rotary Flush Actuator
Miniature Rotary DIP Switch - A6K/A6KS Series Miniature 7.2 x 7.2 mm size Mounting space reduced by 50% (compared to conventional models) Gold-plated contacts ensure high reliability PCB Mounting Footprint/pin spacing: 2.54mm between pins and 5.08mm between rows
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DPDT PCB Mount Latching Relay, 10 A, 110V ac For Use In Power Applications
MY2K Series Magnetic Latching Relay Ideal for Memory and Data Transmission Circuits Easy monitoring of ON/OFF operation thanks to the built-in operation indicator mechanism Double-winding latch system that holds residual magnetism Mechanical coil indicator Latching Use socket 196-6153 (PCB) or 196-6147 (DIN rail) Switching current 3A Switching voltage 220 V ac; 24 V dc Dimensions: H36mm x W21.5mm x D28mm Operating temperature range: -5 to +45°C Approvals VDE, UL, CSA Approvals UL; CSA
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Omron Fibre Optic Sensor Maximum of 20 mm, IP50
E32 Series Fibre Optic Sensing Heads Various formats for a wide range of applications. IP67 (IP50 E32-L25) All fibres are 2m long black PE. Permissable bend radius 25mm min. Trim to length with the cutting tool supplied for insertion into amplifier clamping apertures Operating temperature range -40° to +70° C Wafer-mapping ultraslim through-beam fiber Sensing Distance* and (Object Size); mm Sensing Head Stock No. Amplifier Type E3X-A E3X-F E3X-H E3X-VG NT NM E32-TC200 340-960 200 (Ø1) 80 (Ø1) 400 (Ø1) 28 (Ø1) 290 (Ø1) 270 (Ø1) E32-DC200 340-976 75 (100 x 100) 33 (50 x 50) 150 (200 x 200) 10 (25 x 25) 110 (10 x 10) 100 (10 x 10) E32-DC200E 178-0202 18 (25 x 25) 8 (25 x 25) 36 (50 x 50) 2 (25 x 25) 22 (25x25) 20 (25x25) E32-DC200F 205-7070 18 (25 x 25) 8 (25 x 25) 36 (50 x 50) 2 (25 x 25) 22 25x25) 20 (25x25) E32-D14L 205-7086 40 (50 x 50) 12 (25 x 25) 40 (50 x 50) 1.5 (25 x 25) 44 (50x50) 40 (50x50) E32-L25 205-7092 3.3 (25 x 25) 3.3 (25 x 25) 3.3 (25 x 25) n/a 3.3 (25x25) 3.3 (25x25) E32-TC200E 178-0218 50(Ø0.5) 26 (Ø0.5) 100 (Ø0.5) 8 (Ø0.5) 75 (Ø0.5) 70 (Ø0.5) E32-T14L 205-7109 120 (Ø1) 30 (Ø1) 240 (Ø1) 10 (Ø1) 140 (Ø1) 130 (Ø1) *Sensing distance based on white paper only for square objects; 'standard opaque' objects for diametriecal objects. (object diamters quoted are minimum diameters at the range specified, unless detailed otherwise). E3X Series Programmable Fibre Optic Amplifiers and E32 Sensing Heads Pre-wired 2m PVC cable Light On/Dark On selectable Switching current: 100mA Operating temperature range: -25° → +55°C Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
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Omron SPNO Non-Latching Relay Panel Mount, 24V dc Coil, 200 A
G9EA Series DC power relays capable of interrupting high capacity DC loads while enabling compact, low-noise, safe applications Gas injected and hermetically sealed construction Capable of switching 400V 60A DC loads and interrupting 600A at 300Vdc max Dimensions; L73xW36xH67.2 mm Approvals UL; CSA
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SPDT-NO/NC Simulated Roller Lever Microswitch, 2 A @ 12 V dc
Ultra Subminiature Sealed Microswitch ,( D2HW ) Smallest sealed snap action switch in the industry with a very long stroke for reliable ON/OFF action. RoHS compliant Extra long stroke Dimensions are 78% of conventional models PCB terminal versions have straight and right angled terminals Contact rating: 2A @ 12Vdc, 0.1A @ 125Vac Minimum Load: 1mA @ 5Vdc Contact configuration: SPDT Switch type: Switch SPDT Connection: Spade cable shoes 6.3 ´ 0.8 mm, 189157: although 4.8 ´ 0.5 mm Switch material: Silver Mechanical life: 30 ´ 10 6 functions at max. contact load Temp. range: -55°C* to +85°C Dimensions: See drawings
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White Light Colour IO-Link NPN Vision Sensor, Connector, 2.4 A, 21.6 → 26.4 V dc
Vision Sensors/Machine Vision Systems analyze images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning, and defect inspections. Advanced inspection in a compact housing. Expanded performance and functionality. Camera, Communications, Software Tools, and Much More. A line-up That Fits a Wide Range of Equipment
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Omron Distance Distance Sensor 2 → 80 mm Detection Range MPN Block Style IP67 E3ZLS68
E3Z-LS Distance Settable Sensors The E3Z-LS range of photoelectric sensors are compact in design with a built in amplifier. E3Z-LS distance settable sensors are unaffected by colour or background whilst able to detect minute steps. Simple positioning settings using a clear LED spot Distance setting by 5 turn endless adjuster Load power supply voltage: 26.4 Vdc max Load current: 100 mA max Open collector output Reversed power supply polarity protection, Output short-circuit protection, Mutual interference prevention IP67 rated
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Omron 3PDT PCB Mount Non-Latching Relay, 24V dc Coil, 10 A
General Purpose Relays, MKS Series All units have a Mechanical indicator and lockable test button (with nameplate) Units with a "-5" in the Manufacturer Part Number have non-standard connections, refer to datasheet Contact rating: 10A at 30Vdc/250Vac Contact material: AgSnIn Operating temperature: -40 → +60 °C Note When Relays are mounted on the PF083A-E or PF113A-E, the maximum carrying current is 9 A Approvals UL, TUV (IEC), CSA