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MeArm Deluxe Kit, Mime Industries

MeArm Deluxe Kit, Mime Industries

MeArm Desktop Robot Arm - Deluxe Kit - Nuka Cola Blue The MeArm Deluxe Kit from Mime Industries is a desktop robot arm which you can build with nothing but a screwdriver. Designed as a fun educational project to introduce you to the world of programming, electronic and robotics. You can control the MeArm using the supplied Joystick or via an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The MeArm is also available as an electronics only version (RS 134-0414 ) which includes the structural parts and the motors but you’ll need to provide a suitable method for control. Kit Contains Set of laser cut acrylic parts which form the structure of the robot arm The Brains Board which includes a joystick for manual control but also used for programming Battery pack (requires 4 x AA batteries – not included) Wires to connect the control board with the motors 4 x servo motors Set of nuts and bolts to hold it all together Mime Industries
New items
Mirobot Maker Kit, Mime Industries

Mirobot Maker Kit, Mime Industries

Mirobot v2 Electronics Only - WiFi Drawing Robot Mirobot v2 Electronics Only Kit consists of all the parts accept the chassis to build a WiFi Drawing Robot. The kit is suitable for children over seven years old and teaches about technology, programming, robotics and mathematics. Easy to assemble and get started. The full Mirobot Drawing Robot Kit is available (RS 1340411 ). Kit Contains Arduino Main controller Screws Elastic bands Stepper motors Servo Rear wheel Battery holder Mime Industries