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micro:bit club, micro:bit

micro:bit club, micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket sized computer that has been designed to make coding fun and easy to learn. The micro:bit Club bundle is the ideal choice for teaching and classroom settings as it contains 10 x micro:bit v2 boards as well as 10 x USB cables and 10 x battery holders & 20 x AAA batteries, so you can get powered up and programming straight away. Don’t let it’s small size fool you, even though the micro:bit measures in at only 4cm x 5cm, this tiny computer has an powerful ARM Cortex m4 processor and 512KB of flash to store your programmes on. The latest version of micro:bit v2 is backwards compatible with previous version of the micro:bit as well as software and equipment. As well as more memory and a CPU upgrade, it also has a higher power output of 200mA to accessories. The edge connectors also have small indentation to stop clips slipping off. The micro:bit v2 is available in 4 colours and has various individually programmable inputs and outputs including a 5x5 LED matrix display, user control buttons, speakers Bluetooth connectivity and newly added speaker and microphone. The micro:bit v2 also features a temperature sensor, accelerometer, touch sensitive logo, and a built in sleep/off mode. the micro:bit Club Contents 10 x micro:bit v2 board - available in 4 colours red, yellow, green & blue (please note we cannot select the colour of the micro:bit you will receive) 10 x micro USB cables 10 x battery holders 20 x AAA Batteries