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ESB-5002, Klaxon

ESB-5002, Klaxon

Klaxon Sonos Pulse Beacons The Sonos Pulse Beacons from Klaxon are Visual Alarm Devices (VADS) with patented Pulse Alert Technology that exceed the illumination requirements of EN54-23. The Pulse Alert Technology maximises system efficiency by minimising power consumption and enables the coverage pattern to be fixed at the optimum performance level. The synchronised flash protects everyone including people prone to photosensitive epilepsy. Wall or ceiling mounted beacons are available with either a white or red flash and white or red housing. Applications include hotel, office, factory floor and machine shop. Conforms to EN54-23 Pulse Alert Technology Wire to Base Technology Simple Upgrade Synchronised Flash No Surge Current Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Weatherproof to IP65 (deep base) and IP21 (shallow base) Cable Entries: Deep Base: 2 x 20mm cable glands Weight: 0.24kg (shallow base) 0.29kg (deep base) Wall Mounted Beacons Up to 11.3m coverage reduces the number of devices required- most rooms can be protected with a single device White flash: EN54-23 coverage W-3.1-11.3 Red flash: EN54-23 coverage W-2.4-7.5 Shallow base: Ø100 x 100 mm high Deep base: Ø122 x 97.5 mm high Ceiling Mounted Beacons Up to 15m coverage reduces the number of devices required - most rooms can be protected with a single device White flash: EN54-23 coverage C-3-15 Red flash: EN54-23 coverage C-3-8.9 Shallow base: Ø94 x 100 mm high Deep base: Ø117 x 97.5 mm high Standards EN54-23.
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PNC-0062, Klaxon

PNC-0062, Klaxon

Klaxon Nexus 110 Sounder Beacons, LED The Klaxon Nexus 110 from Klaxon combines a powerful sounder and high output beacon to provide an effective audio-visual signal. It has 3 alarm stages, 64 tones and volume control for greater flexibility. Initial wiring connections are made to the base and the head is fixed with quarter turn fasteners to provide fast and reliable installation. It has IP66 protection as standard meaning it can be installed in almost any location. Features and Benefits High sound output: 116 dB (max), 110 dB (typical) Low voltage V ac LED beacon 3 alarm stages Quarter turn fasteners for ease of installation First-fix, wire to base technology IP66 rated Volume control for greater flexibility, 20 dB 64 tones Separate connections for sounder & beacon Applications The Nexus 110 is designed for industrial applications such as conveyors, process control alarm, cranes, moving machinery, general signalling and marine.