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Euroquartz, one of the most renowned brands in the world, a UK-based independent manufacturer and provider to the electronics manufacturing industry around the globe of products like oscillators, quartz crystals, filters, and products related to frequency control established in 1982. The company has several specialized product areas, particularly in the design and manufacture of custom electronic filters, high-reliability oscillators for defense-related applications, and radiation-tolerant oscillators for high-altitude aerospace and space satellite applications. Euroquartz intentionally maintains a "broad-based" policy attitude to the product range to maximize flexibility.

However, the history of Euroquartz covers 60 years, as in 1987, the company obtained Brookes Crystals, a UK manufacturer of quartz crystals which was founded around World War II. Acquiring Brookes Crystals made the company a significant manufacturer of frequency-control products in the United Kingdom. Today, due to merging the firm into a large corporation has boosted its strengths and experience, putting the group as the leading manufacturer and supplier in the international marketplace.

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20 Jan, 2023

I'm excited to be part of this amazing "family"! and I'm sure they are a reliable company and they provide an amazing product that is worth every penny.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions for better clarification.

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