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CS2389, Dycon

CS2389, Dycon

Signal Analyser for Mobile Networks CSL Signal Analyser is intended to be used to identify the optimum location for your connected device prior to installation.Designed to relay accurate and essential data, to ensure the best installation every time. It measures and displays radio signal strengthand is available in 2G176-2537 and 4G versions176-2538.Information is fed back to the device, including the network provider, radio technology, signal quality and signal strength. No SIM is required to perform network surveys which you can also save for future reference.CSL Signal Analyser is ideal to use for alarm signalling, 4G routers, deploying parking meters/smart meters, telehealth products and more.Features and Customer Benefits Ideal for deploying any mobile applicationLive monitor function to find the optimum installation location (SIM required for 4G)Full colour touch screen with a handy dashboard menuConvenient 'Quick Survey' button4G versions are backwards compatible (2G/3G/4G)Rechargable battery with up to 20 hours' lifeMultilingual - 10 languagesDownload survey results and live monitor results via USBRain resistant material and durable protective case providedAutomatic power down when not in useFirmware upgradeable